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lock cars peds npcs world option
lock_cars = true/false
lock_cars_park = true/false (pulled apart)

add difficult rob cars world…


I did come across this before during development but I thought I fixed it.
It is possible that I only fixed the way the vehicles are loaded inside the garage and didn’t change the same part in the mechanic menu.

I’ll look into this later today.

I’ll take another look at this later as well.

This add-on is currently not compatible with roleplay servers but this may change in the future.


I’m driving in the Garage, i’m place the car on Position 15, it removes"delete" (says “You have no vehicles in this garage!”) I’m going out of the garage, i’m taking another car, i’m driving in the garage again “it’s Loading” bahm - no cars in the garage.
Was tested on this garage : -146.57916259766,-583.83807373047,32.424468994141

But anyway, it’s Amazing script thx for sharing!


Vrp support will be aswome


Such a good mod, it works amazingly!!


Amazing! Possible to get it made for ESX?


can’t you read :woman_facepalming:


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this, thank you so much @Jaymo! I did notice one problem, my server has last position save and when you log off while in one of the storage garages you’re stuck in it when you log back on because the teleport pads don’t appear.


Yeah, the pads aren’t always enabled as they wouldn’t know where to put you if you entered them because many garages use the same interiors. Not really much I can do about that sorry.


Thank you for replying, and thanks again for this extremely useful script.


where does the script store the vehicles when parked? in saves folder i get a file called “license” that is always empty… and nothing else


That’s weird, are there any errors in the server console?


Actually not… but cars are saved correctly… I’ll post a log tomorrow ^^ it’s 1am in my country


It looks like both links are dead, are any alternatives out there? :smiley:


Download link not working for me…


I’m currently in the process of migrating my git to another server, https://github.com/jaymo1011/xnOnlineGarage is still up.


hellp pliz how to change the button (F6) on (L)???




i have a bug where i enter the garage thevehicle comes with me but leaves a copy out side
this is on a vrp build


The vehicles still don’t delete on entry so it’s duplicating the vehicle