xnOnlineGarage v1.0.4 - GTA:O Garages in FiveM - Freeroam Resource




This is my first resource and I created it with the intention of re-creating the garages from online as close as I could.


  • Store up to 394 vehicles in over 50 different garages around the map
  • Saves all vehicle settings (mods, extras, liveries etc.)
  • Go inside your garage to view, manage and delete your vehicles as you would in GTA:O
  • A mechanic menu to retrieve your vehicles when you are out and about (F6)
  • Personal vehicle marker
  • Easy configuration to block unwanted vehicles
  • Support for addon vehicles
  • No databases to mess around with, just drag and drop

Planned Features

  • Commands for administrators
  • Support for :rp: servers (maybe)


  1. Find a garage on the map
  2. Walk/drive up to it and press E
  3. ???
  4. Profit.




Download it here or view the source code.

(or if that doesn’t work)
Download it here or view the source code.

I thought this was obvious but this resource is currently NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ROLEPLAY SERVERS so stop asking why it doesn’t work with [insert roleplay something here]. However, this may change in future.

Special thanks to @Warxander for WarMenu and @Smallo for helping with some of the interiors

Network and car

Okay, this is really damn cool, thanks for this!

now we wait for: “is this compatible with [insert framework here]” :stuck_out_tongue:


This is cool, i like. Thank you for releasing :mascot:


Noice work :slight_smile:


Well done! This would fit really well in a freeroam server


when passing the door pressing the E the vehicle disappears!
Any ideas ?


Beautifully DONE


When I store my cars the car won´t show up anywhere. Its gone when i teleport to the garage. Can´t find it at f6 or in the garages


Console error when starting
“Error resuming coroutine: config.lua:1495: attempt to call a nil value (global ‘RequestIpl’)
stack traceback:
config.lua:1495: in function config.lua:1494


Nice mod, when i enter garage the floor its bug


when i enter to garaje not enter whit vehicle…

Do compatible whit garaje Dunko vRP please


It took roughly 6 hours :stuck_out_tongue:


Do compatible whit garage esx please !!


is this working with vRP?


Fucking amazing man!


Does this happen on only one or two garages garages or all of them? If it’s only some, go into config.lua and change line 3 so it says GroupMapBlips = false restart the script then go to the problem garages, find their markers on the map and tell me the names of the markers and I’ll take a look at why they might not be working.
If it’s all of them perhaps you have some other script that is conflicting with mine?

Same as above, find me the name of the garage and I’ll look into it.

I might make this compatible with the various :rp: frameworks at some point but I have other things that I would rather focus on but in the meantime you are more than welcome to do it yourself and make a pull request on the github and if it looks good, I’ll merge it.

I honestly don’t know how you could be getting an error for that native, maybe try reinstalling FiveM?
If you already have a script that loads interiors on your server, you can comment out the code from line 1494 to line 1541.


Sorry, I forgot config.lua was shared :woman_facepalming: let me move it to client.lua and push an update to the github…


Thanks, thanks for share mod :+1:


Is it possible to charge the garage with the property? but I have a problem when I go on the point to enter a vehicle that I tp but not with my vehicle


Updated! to version v1.0.3


  • Delayed car deletion on entry so it looks better
  • Fixed the missing comma