xnOnlineGarage v1.0.4 - GTA:O Garages in FiveM - Freeroam Resource



could be something to do with vRP being annoying :frowning:
are you on the latest server build? (and the latest version of the resource)


Yes I am its only happening when other people are online if your the only one on its ok


Thank you :slight_smile:


I see another duplication problem :confused::thinking: https://youtu.be/LCAUozh5tps


@Jaymo Hello and a BIG BIG thanks you for this release! It’s really what i need for my drift server!
€dit: Yayyy! I found how to change key on easyadmin :smiley:
Also another question: i don’t found the 3 floor CEO garage, is it in your resource or not (not visited them all)
And also the floor on Import/Export garages has some bugs for me, it depop and repop if i look around me. Is it possible to fix? or replace it with the classic 10 places garages? or atleast remove the garages with these floor from the map? For this last point, i can do by myself if you point me where to look!
A huge thanks anyway your work is awesome! i waited for it for so long! And sorry for big message!


I’ll be addressing these problem’s soon after I finish and release my new ammunition resource in the next week or so. Sit tight!


I just find the 3 floor garage! this is just awesome!
If you think it’s possible, something would be really awesome to improve this mod: the addons vehicles have all the same name: NULL, it would be awesome to let us rename the vehicles how we want, it should make the vehicles easyer to find and manage in the garage menu, mostly if we have a lot of vehicles! On a lot of servers all mods are addons and it become a bit messy if they have all the same name!
Btw people on my server really enjoy this resource, it make a great difference! I tried a lot of things with friends to test the mod and maybe found bugs, no involuntary duplications for us at the moment!
About the way Scorpio686 duplicate his vehicle, considering it’s not for RP servers, it’s not a big deal, and if you grind your car, you still have a new one in garage, a bit like Mutual Mors on GTA:Online, its even cool for me, it avoid to get the vehicle back to garage each you change, good thing for drift servers! :wink:
To be able to rename the vehicles would probably push this resource over the perfection! Thanks you very much for all your work and efforts!


Can someone tell me where the resource saves the player’s vehicles? I’ve saved a vehicle in a garage but saves directory remains empty(except for .gitkeep and license). I did a search for *.json in the resources directory but only found two files for different resources.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


does this work together with esx_cardealer/ simeon? thanks in advance!


As it states in the very first post, it is not compatible with any roleplay frameworks(ESX or VRP). You can drive any car into the garage and it will be stored without consideration of ownership.


can you help me with that ?


Hi , lovely resource as stated previously that is not for RP servers. Is anybody with enough knowledge willing to work together to link this to database to work with vrp specificaly with save tuning table ? Thanks in advance.


Im going to make this works with ESX.
If anyone wants to help add me on discord: SrTinogar#3501


Is this resource desiged so everyone has its own garage or for example…

Player 1 Parks a car in the garage

Player 2 goes into the garage

will he she player 1’s car ?


No, they each have their own instance of the garage.


Download link down


Hi there,

I have this exact issue. Did you find an answer ?


nope, sorry


Well as it turns out I just did.

I’m no script writer so please forgive me if I don’t use the correct terms here.
The issue is with the script getting the name of the save files with GetPlayerIdentifiers(player)[2]

On FXServer, the data it looks into looks like this:
Player: [PlayerName], Identifier #1: steam:[steamid]
Player: [PlayerName], Identifier #2: license:[licenseid]
Player: [PlayerName], Identifier #3: ip:[ip]

So GetPlayerIdentifiers(player)[2] echoes license:[licenseid] instead of [licenseid].
Windows can’t handle “:” in a file name, hence the issue.

I don’t know how to ignore “license:” but I found a workaround:

Open server.lua
Replace both instances of GetPlayerIdentifiers(player)[2] with GetPlayerName(player)
Clear server cache and reload
Voila, should work as long as you don’t have 2 players using the same name.


Thank you :smiley: