xnOnlineGarage v1.0.4 - GTA:O Garages in FiveM - Freeroam Resource



I have a small problem as it works because I buy an apartment and I can not return but personal vehicle inside even when going no apartment I can not get anything


Hi bro
A personal garage purchase system would be a good update to put in place
Thanks for really cool script :slight_smile:


This is super cool, been looking at something like for a while.


i seem to have troubles with it saving them it just disappears when i enter in a car with seems to be all the garages going through them all now… even trying it on a clean server is there something i need to have in order for it to work… even tried to with the group blips false… please and thanks for the help


Is there a saves folder in the main directory of resource? Eg. xnOnlineGarage/saves
If not, create one then try again.


thanks that worked made a folder in the online garage resource named saves and even updated while sever was live. added then worked deleted then didnt work and added back and all seems fine now thanks for the help…


Addon vehicles are known as ‘NULL’ and are duplicating, video here: https://youtu.be/jC4q85hqD08


You can also just steal other player owned vehicles and store it into your garage, which is also another way to duplicate


Thanks, I’ll look into this.

This resource isn’t really made for :rp: and doesn’t actually have anything in place to stop this from happening although I may add this at some point.




  • Added saves directory for when the server doesn’t create it.
  • Fixed vehicles not deleting after the player gets teleported inside
    the garage.
  • Changed name of addon vehicles in the vehicle menu from “NULL” to
    “Custom Vehicle”.
  • Fixed an attempt at greying out the slot of the vehicle you are moving
    while in the move vehicle menu.
  • Actually checked to see if it works this time I swear


hi there. nice mod, but can you fix the dublicate stuff? and make it not to be able to steal other players cars? it will be perfect :smiley: and i still have the NULL vehicles :smiley: thank you


The next update that would be really nice would be that we can only return our personal vehicles and we can buy the garage as with the script esx_property for the apartment


thanks for this. Finally a garage system without data base.

Question though: where can I change the F6 key to something else?


Like I have said previously, it is possible that I may add some roleplay framework support (probably in the form of a second resource for maximum compatibility) but it is currently not a priority and may not happen for some time.

Currently you cannot (easily anyways), I’ll add a config option for this in the next update.


Great release and thanks for sharing! Is there a way you can add a line that says only owned vehicles can enter?


Are you sure you are on the latest version? I did change it from NULL to Custom Vehicle in the latest update.

As for the stealing of cars, this is intended behaviour as this resource was primarily ment for freeroam where there is no real need to check for this and therefore, it was not coded in.


any chance to make it in the new future? the steal car thing?


When I get around to implementing the system into :rp: it will happen.


hey great script :grinning:

just one thing not worried, or bothered just when saves vehicle in garage and then i go in and move to another space in same garage, it seems to remove it from menu, but if walk in garage the car is still there just not showing on menu, but if move back to original place it comes back on menu. ?

as said not worried just won’t rearrange just thought i’d tell you


known buggs that i found as well, when you try to move it to another slot, it dissapears from the menu list.
second one is that you can steal other players vehicle, not nice for roleplay…
third i’ve done a clean install of the mod and still got “NULL” vehicles
You can add vehicles from the street that arn’t yours in the garage. (anyway you can fix this with lockcar)
maybe its possible to fix dublicate problem
And make it work so you can sell vehicles player to player. (when you go to vehcile in the K menu, it says “no own vehicle near by” think its because its not sync’d with the database.
Some of the garages are bugged, can’t see the floor.
the is what i found soo far, and it will be nice to fix, if you have time, and you can. ( i now you can) good work till now, been looking for a long time for this