[Release] jsfour-idcard [ESX]


How du i convert it?


I don’t know? I don’t use vrp


Does anyone know how to get this for vrp??


How do i install the esx_license to my databases


You must be joking?

Why do you even ask that question in here? This is not a thread for the esx_license


you take the file .sql in your file esx_licence and you go on the tab import into your database as simple as that …


When i try it makes an error…


send me your error



You’re trying to run the .sql into the wrong database. Your database name is “zap371055-1” and not “essentialmode”.


Where do i fand the zap371055 database?


or you delete in the sql file the first line that says use essentialmode and it will work :stuck_out_tongue:


How to do, when a player not have a firearm licens the menu for “Check your firearms license” is gone so only visible when they have a licens?


i can not get it to work please help

i’ve installed it put op the menu thing and doesnt open


Can’t help you if you don’t provide a pastebin link with your code.


If the menu or what ever do not work try to reinstall jsfour-idcard or reinstall es_extended
Do you get any error btw?


@Levende_Postej There are 2 sollutions to your problem

Either , you edit your SQL file to work with your zap database so

USE essentialmode


USE zap371055-1

OR you copy paste the SQL content (without the "USE essentialmode) and run it in the database query. Copy paste and press start.


Got it to work but policejob doesnt work anymore with the f6 menu. Probably esx_license


@Lenzh_FX Does the armory or cloakroom work?


Yes only the f6 menu with idcard show license body search and unpaid fines isnt working