[Release] jsfour-idcard [ESX]


How du i convert it?


I don’t know? I don’t use vrp


Does anyone know how to get this for vrp??


How do i install the esx_license to my databases


You must be joking?

Why do you even ask that question in here? This is not a thread for the esx_license


you take the file .sql in your file esx_licence and you go on the tab import into your database as simple as that …


When i try it makes an error…


send me your error



You’re trying to run the .sql into the wrong database. Your database name is “zap371055-1” and not “essentialmode”.


Where do i fand the zap371055 database?


or you delete in the sql file the first line that says use essentialmode and it will work :stuck_out_tongue: