[Release] jsfour-idcard [ESX]


EssentialMode Base by @Kanersps: [Release] EssentialMode base
ES Extended (ESX) by @GiZz: https://github.com/FXServer-ESX/fxserver-es_extended
ESX_license https://github.com/ESX-Org/esx_license


  • Show your ID card, firearms license or your driver license to the closest player



Need help?
If you find a bug or if you get an error. Please make an issue at the Github page.

Implemting a script to a menu

thx for all your share


How do you open this in game?


U need to implement it to your own script or add it to some menu, there is a example on github.


I use all your programs but there is a problem that does not show lastdigits in the ID card


You need to add it by yourself. This is beeing designed to work without his register script.
if he allows it i can share the version including the last digits i modified it to work with it.


yes, please share menu with that script


please ?
share the menu with this script


There’s a menu at the Github that you can look at…


Good script but 2 problems :
If you don’t have any lisence you can present your weapon or driver lisence.
PSD file doesn’t have firearm.

Thanks for sharing that great job dude



What key do I show the ID to the person?


It doesn’t make sense to have a menu where you can look on your driver license if you don’t have a driver license?

So why even have it?


I don’t know what key you’ve assigned it to?


Which one is assigned ? Is it not to show it, help please


Nice Reaslese Man


What keys do you spend to get that out?


You should download the new version though so your license doesn’t show up on the ID card


That never happend to me


nice work dude keep it up like all ur porjects
one request:P
can u help with the menu or give us a ready menu for that?


As the ID is shown, please help