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I’m having this error when I try to get the miner’s vehicle, how can I be solving this problem, and the vehicle does not spawn.


Has anyone managed to figure out why the fueler and tailor jobs have no blips?


Please someone help me solve this problem, because I can not get rid of work.


ok so i decided to test each job back to back and altho a good selection of them like miner had extra blips show up on the map once u choose that job theres still over half the listed jobs that doesnt show any extra blips on the map such as refiner,would anyone happen to know why,thanks


While others cannot have the list in jobcentre
My jobcentre list still loading when i am not in there.
just like everytime i press E, it shows.
How can I solve it


You need to add isInJoblistingMarker = false under line 72. I spent a while trying to figure this out.

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how do I add this command in my jobs, so that people can not be used at the same time as farm.

	while true do
		if isInZone then
			DisableControlAction(2, Keys['SPACE'], true) -- Jump
			DisableControlAction(2, Keys['Q'], true) -- Cover
			DisableControlAction(2, Keys['F'], true) -- Also 'enter'?
			--DisableControlAction(2, Keys['F1'], true) -- Disable phone
			DisableControlAction(2, Keys['Y'], true) -- Inventario do veículo
			DisableControlAction(2, Keys['F2'], true) -- Inventory
			DisableControlAction(2, Keys['F3'], true) -- Animations
			DisableControlAction(2, Keys['F5'], true) -- 
			DisableControlAction(2, Keys['F6'], true) -- 
			DisableControlAction(2, Keys['F7'], true) -- 
			DisableControlAction(2, Keys['F8'], true) -- 
			DisableControlAction(2, Keys['F9'], true) -- 
			DisableControlAction(2, Keys['F10'], true) -- 


thank you very much bro


Hello, I have a problem, I can not spawn the vehicle (miner’s truck etc …) Someone would have the solution to my problem?
thank you so much


After opening the job center menu the menu then opens when i hit E even when im away:??


You need to add isInJoblistingMarker = false under line 72. I spent a while trying to figure this out.

edited by: rcs2112


after this new update stayed like this, I went back to my old version that worked


can you provide me with your version?


just that my script is all edited to work for my server, you have to redirect it to work for your server.esx_jobs.rar (39.0 KB)


For me line 72 is something entirely different, my activates menu section is this **

– Activate menu when player is inside marker
while true do


	if PlayerData.job ~= nil and PlayerData.job.name ~= 'unemployed' then
		local zones = nil
		local job = nil

		for k,v in pairs(Config.Jobs) do
			if PlayerData.job.name == k then
				job = v
				zones = v.Zones

		if zones ~= nil then
			local coords      = GetEntityCoords(PlayerPedId())
			local currentZone = nil
			local zone        = nil
			local lastZone    = nil

			for k,v in pairs(zones) do
				if GetDistanceBetweenCoords(coords, v.Pos.x, v.Pos.y, v.Pos.z, true) < v.Size.x then
					isInMarker  = true
					currentZone = k
					zone        = v
					isInMarker  = false

			if IsControlJustReleased(0, Keys['E']) and not menuIsShowed and isInMarker then
				if onDuty or zone.Type == "cloakroom" or PlayerData.job.name == "reporter" then
					TriggerEvent('esx_jobs:action', job, zone)



Hi! I want to do that job without being in the job. So how can I remove them from the Job listing?

For Example I’m in police job and I can work as a bus driver too. So I want to separate the jobs as a standalone maybe.



I have the Mecano job installed. The Ambulance has a line in the code with:


Config.ReviveReward               = 400  -- revive reward, set to 0 if you don't want it enabled

and in the server\main.lua


I also want this in my mecano job. So. I have added:


Config.RepairReward               = 400  -- revive reward, set to 0 if you don't want it enabled

But where i have to add the


Because i cant really find the repair part in the mecano job… somehow… And i think it needs to be in the server\main.lua because i don’t think its client sided…

Can someone help me on this one?


How do I solve that unicorn can bleach money ? Thanks :slight_smile:


Do you know how I can make for example the lumberjack job working without taking the job in the job center? So I can do jobs like miner or lumberjack but have for example the police job.


After that I’m looking for the whole time.