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Posted on behalf of @GiZz, the developer of ESX (ES Extended).

EssentialMode Base by @Kanersps: [Release] EssentialMode base
ES Extended (ESX) by @GiZz: https://github.com/FXServer-ESX/fxserver-es_extended
ESX_AddonAccount: https://github.com/FXServer-ESX/fxserver-esx_addonaccount


-MANY jobs available to choose from (butcher/miner/fisherman/etc.)
-Item farming jobs available
-In-Service/On-Duty system
-Easy to create system for new custom jobs you the developer wish to add to your server

This plugin was created to have an easy way to make and have farming or gathering jobs on your server. There is no player management like some of the other plugins ESX has created. To create a new job, use the already created jobs as a baseline for your custom job.

-Defaults in French (fr) but configurable for English (en) and German (de) as well through the config.lua file


  1. Change directory to resources/[esx]/
  2. Clone the Git repository (https://github.com/FXServer-ESX/fxserver-esx_jobs)
  3. Add this to your server.cfg “start esx_jobs”

[Additional Information]
For any and all support please visit the ESX Discord: https://discord.gg/pVvDcPH as I do not provide support and have been away from quite some time.

There are more plugins available which you can view at: https://github.com/FXServer-ESX

14 New ESX jobs
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hi thank you for the Script, i have a problem with selling checkins
when after collecting killing and packaging them,
when i try to sell them i have this error, any idea ?



I’ve been getting the exact same issue and its driving me insane


Best bet for support is to utilize the Discord link posted under “Additional Information” there’s many users there that can help much faster than I reply here typically. That said, I’ll look into this SoonTM. Working on a few things at once.


good luck, and thank you for are you doing for this community


Guessing everyone is busy no one is around of Discord


Would it be possible to have the outfits or not as I tried but nothing to do.
Thank you in advance for either positive or negative reply
ps: But if you could it would be cool.


Hey, I have everything installed and I cant see the blips. Any help? And yes, everything is well installed. Thanks


hey all the blips are not activated look there is false


Hey, sorry but where do I find it? config.lua?


you will find for each job


I’m having the same problem with this gone through the jobs making sure to set blips as true but nothing appears on the map any help appreciated.


I will all active and I will pass you. ex:


one that can guide me and install it


Can be convert for Vrp?


esx_jobsDivers.zip (35.2 KB)


Cool mod. But im having some diffuculties. the jobs dont show in the job center. Can someone help me?


Even using this I still can’t see any jobs on the map. In the console I do get Access denied for command add_pricipal dunno if that has something to with it or I just have bad luck


Its not showing on the map for mein either


you have to enter them in the bdd “database” Sans titre