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Hey everyone,

Probably an answered question, but how do I disable the Job Center map blip?


in esx_joblisting/client/main.lua, comment out or remove the following:

-- Create blips
	for i=1, #Config.Zones, 1 do
		local blip = AddBlipForCoord(Config.Zones[i].x, Config.Zones[i].y, Config.Zones[i].z)
		SetBlipSprite (blip, 407)
		SetBlipDisplay(blip, 4)
		SetBlipScale  (blip, 1.2)
		SetBlipColour (blip, 27)
		SetBlipAsShortRange(blip, true)


@schwim , I tried it, no luck.
Also I want to create another job center at another location, how would I do that?



How do i rank up in my mechanic job? I am recruit, and I want to rank up.


/setjob your id job named job rank look in the sql to find the ranks


*/setjob ID jobname jobID
required superadmin permission or jobmaster rank for use this …


To remove the blip you do like he told u earlier by going in to client lua and removing the lines he showed u. to add another jobcenter you go into the config of joblisting and add a new line with coords like the line you will see in there.


I am missing interiors and clothing on some jobs. (interiors for the mining job at the diamond shop). Any ideals?



for the clothing add them in the sql you just have to make the outfit you want


How do you remove the job taking a security deposit?


find it in the config or server.lua and set it to 0


Every company on my server is too poor to pay people, and all players have no money. How do I fix this?


Hey guys, any solutions to getting blips to show up? I still can’t figure it out. Went through all of the lua’s and enabled “true,” for all jobs. Any help would be awesome.


Need help with this:



Where can I edit the pay for each of the jobs?


In your database (20 characters)


Does anyone know how to get whitelisted jobs to show in The joblisting for a person that is whitelisted for that job but if a player isn’t whitelisted it hides it


My friend started having this issue four days ago where he could go into the f9 menu but when he tried to put in the amount he wanted to spend it kept backspacing the numbers he was putting in.It sometimes randomly worked when he got into a call with me and shared his screen. Happened again when he got into a call and shared his screen with another friend. He tried dropping the cash, clearing his cache, reinstslling fivem, removing f4 menu, resetting his lambda menu settings, restarting his computer, reconnecting his keyboard, trying a different keyboard, reinstalling discord to see if that was the issue. He also started to not be able to open discord in-game at the same time that this issue happened. Also sometimes when he tries to pay someone he starts randomly punching for no reason and without him left clicking.


Where can I find the name of the Job Centre blip?

For some reason I can’t seem to find the file where the blip is name.
I really wanted to change the name.

If anyone has a clue, please let me know.

Best Regards,


You change them in your Database (SQL)