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I already have it :confused:


what map are u using? this looks really cool map!


Make sure to actually start the job listing resource in your config, and start it before all your jobs. Also remember to run the SQL script included in the job listing folder, and then whitelist the jobs you want to see at the job centre. Send me a PM if you still won’t get it to work :slight_smile:


Could not find dependency esx_skin for resource esx_jobs.
^3Couldn’t start resource esx_jobs.^7


Make sure you have it listed in your server.cfg file as Start esx_jobs


For some reason I cannot get job vehicles to spawn with esx_jobs. The error reads

“Failed to execute thread: client/main.lua:297 attempt to index a nil value”

this is the latest version straight from the github. anyone have any idea how I can fix this?


This can be cheated easily with cheat engine.
When a server side version will be implemented?


i installed jobs but when i go to tailor its not loading buildings.
what should i do?


How can i set UNEMPLOYED not to get salary? I can earn money even though i am not employed


In your DB :wink:


Oh so sorry i didnt notice that :sweat_smile:, and last how can i set how many game hours before their next salary?


I found something there (esx_jobs/server) but no idea how to set that.


Ill try to find about that when i get home thanks anyway your answer will improve my gameplay :sweat_smile:


Stasiek what app are you using for opening scripts? I only have wordpad although i can manage to read codes through it looks like a special program a much needed


Notepad++ …


guys i have this problem “SQL Error (1146): Table ‘essentialmode.jobs’ doesn’t exist” can enyone help me? :confused:


Delete this line ->USE essentialmode;<- in sql and import to data base .sql file


Does this work with couchDB and how?


Sorry for late response, you need to run the sql file in the esplugin folder and the es_extended


Hey everyone,

Probably an answered question, but how do I disable the Job Center map blip?