[release] [esx] Custom Scoreboard with jobs online



just downloaded it, didnt change anything… and its look like :

any idea how to fix?



From the looks of it you didn’t follow the instructions. I have only used this on a Open Server not SP. But you will need to go to your resources>[system]>scoreboard folder the one that is there by default. Then drag & drop all the files in there & make sure you replace those files in there. Then clear the cache.


Thanks buddy! works great! my fault didn’t read it correctly


Can we get a new update, for the new system ?? :slight_smile: Its dossent work anymore after neww client update and tank dlc update for fivem :frowning: or does anyone know how to make it work for the new update ?? :slight_smile:


I haven’t had any problem since the update. Maybe post some pictures or whats happening?


Mine do not work. When its players in the server it says 0/32 players and the jobs online do not work !


In my conolse it says

TriggerServerCallback => [stadusrp_getJobsOnline] does not exists

(And dont shows jobs)


That is brilliant, I implemented it this way. Prevents full metagaming, while giving the people what they want


can you help me my discord is hallaw #5615


I had the same issuse but in your sever.cfg file you have to move “start scorebord” to after essential and es_extended and that would work :grin:


Make sure you start files is like this

start essentialmode
start esplugin_mysql
start es_admin2
start async
start es_extended
start scoreboard


Humantree it works but it do not show how many players are in the server or police


How did you solve this problem?


Can you send me your script load order?

Edit: Also did you make sure you when moved the files over into the existing scoreboard folder that you replaced all the files.


i have put them in right orders in my config file, but i thing i didnt replace all the files i only removed my old scoreboard and put the new one ;/

But it works ingame but it does not show how many players are online or how many cops there are online ;/


Hmm that sounds odd. For the Cops not showing up i would check to make sure you using the latest esx_policejob. As for the players either you edited something in the scoreboard or you might be having another script affecting the players showing up.


I had to change the justpressedcontrol lines of code, both of them, i only changed one so it was why i was having that problem xD


but the problem is not only the cops showing up but every single player and all kind of jobs that does not work :slight_smile:


I have an issue when a player that uses a controller and uses their siren it opens up the scoreboard, I use the bind “F3” Is it possible to keep the bind but disable the controller function?


I’ve kept mine to the delete Key but you can change that

if IsControlPressed(0, 178) and GetLastInputMethod( 0 ) then

Just add the

and GetLastInputMethod( 0 )