[release] [esx] Custom Scoreboard with jobs online



Mine is like this


start customchat
start es_admin2
start es_camera
start esplugin_mysql
start essentialmode
start es_extended
start scoreboard
start fivem
start hardcap
start mapmanager
start mysql-async
start rconlog
start sessionmanager
start spawnmanager

But it doesn’t change the scoreboard from the original … i don’t know why. It’s keeping the same old one with the UP ARROW


When you downloaded the file did you go into your resources folder then go to [system] then go into the scoreboard folder there & drag the files from this script into that folder & replace everything that it asks.


Works really well, no problems at all. Does anyone know how to change the scoreboard to show character names instead of steam name? esx


Bro , im downloading your scoreboard 5 time and its not working ! Im adding it to esx folder , in server.cfg i write start esx_scoreboard and when i come in my server , i press x , alt, f11 and arrow up and its not working plz help me … I dont know what im doing wrong :frowning:


Your you must not follow directions very well. It won’t work if you put it as your OWN RESOURCE.

How to Install:
Download & Replace the already existing scoreboard in your [system] Folder.
There should be a folder in your [system] folder called scoreboard.
Take this scoreboard & drag & drop all the files and replace if it asks to.
Then add start scoreboard to your server.cfg.

Note: Please read through the comments next time on how to install.


Why is the jobs Vertical instead of Horisontal? Can someone help me with that?


I did like you said but it doesn’t work for me.


Ok so maybe someone here can help me, I tried the code above to avoid metagaming, and it didnt work, can someone help me with the code that i can use that will make it so if police or ems is online all that can be seen on the Scoreboard is a Green Check or Green Circle, and if they are not online then a red x or red circle would appear. This is an awesome resource thanks for all you do


I love u muahahahahah


How do i make it so it says peoples characters names instead of their steam names


Yes, I would also like to use in game names rather than Steam names.

Anyone know how to add please?


can you help me to install the scoreboard for my server because it does not work with me if I try

mvg Tom


Do you have discord stadus


Can you release it in vRP?


How do you get those hunger and thirst bar?


esx_status & esx_basicneeds?


something more? im beginner at editing scripts in lua, css, html


How do I change the menu open button?


Hello, sorry for my bad english. I read this comment because this resources not work on my server. essentialmode and es_extended is in server.cfg. Well, graphics do not work.


Whats the name of your scorboard? it should be status_scoreboard