[release] [esx] Custom Scoreboard with jobs online



This is my first offical release of any addon.
A lot of people were really interested in our Scoreboard and since I thought about shutting down my community. I want to give back something to the FiveM Community!

You need to put scoreboard after es_extended and essentialmode in server.cfg

The only thing that is required is:
a brain


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Thank you man :slight_smile: :wink:


i followed your instructions like you stated. but this is what I got.
Error loading script server.lua in resource scoreboard: server.lua:53: attempt to index a nil value (global 'ESX') stack traceback: server.lua:53: in main chunk Failed to load script server.lua.
Not sure whats wrong. I know you said no support. It will be great if you could at least fix this. would love to use this.


Thanks for the release @Stadus! It looks awesome.

@dracuslayer, it looks like the resource canโ€™t find es_extended.
Do you load the scoreboard after essentialmode and es_extended as stated ? It works fine on my server, there is no issue.


Thanks for the release!


ahh i didnt see that at the very top idk how i didnt see it thank you


Works beautiful @Stadus


Noone else with the issue were it does not show how many player are online?

and when ur onduty as EMS it says 2 EMS instead of 1


Can someone gimme a hint, wehere i can chage the pics? for example i want an other police picture


Theyโ€™re emojis, and are set here: https://github.com/Stadus/Stadus_Scoreboard/blob/master/scoreboard/html/scoreboard.html


with (hot-key) do i need to press to see the scoreboard, and can i edit the hotkey?


will this come to vrp ?


del key is the the hotkey by default


How do you change the icons to a different one on the scoreboard? i know its in the html but i am unfamiliar with that code or what it even is.



thank you. yeah notepadd++ didnโ€™t show this. I figured it out finally when the forums were offline. I downloaded atom.io and it worked.


Me too :thinking: i will see that


When 1 ems (ambulance) is online this resource shows 2โ€ฆ


thatโ€™s now fixed, thank you for your input.


i dont know how to change the emojis, someone help me? :thinking: