[Release] ESX-ALphone (call system)


dude, start the resource before ur mecano job


Also having issues with this working with mumble its not letting you hear anyone sadly


I add the colum “blackberry” on the “users” table, but dont work :confused:


Not in users dude, Use in Items Ands Shops


After pulling the phone [f1] and closing it, it stays at the head and it can not be extracted until clicking f2 I can get out again


I need some help with installing it.
I’ve tried to download it but it doesn’t work.


Just a small question ive added all which was ritten in the small installation guide, last time i was getting it to work perfectly but right now i used this Phone again but no numbers are saved to the database any knowledge? Console doesnt give me any failure^^


all u guys that have problem with hand stuck, just use esx_phone3 and esx_blackberry thanks me later :slight_smile:


Maybe some one can help. I installed this. Its working. We can send texts messages back and forth. However. When we call each other we can’t talk. Press N but we still can’t talk to each other. Also can’t hear for obvious reasons. What am I doing wrong?


I already have those 2 started and it’s still with the hand stuck problem


How do i install this because i have no idea.


not in users add it in Items - and store


Has anyone looked into getting this to work with mumble? I had an issue where the other party could not talk but the caller can talk and the person who wasn’t the caller can not.


Anybody knows how to make a settings app that you culd make so you can change call signal and colour and background and theme for the phone!


I tried gcphone + esx_addon_phone and esx_phone3 + esx_blackberry everything is working but when you call to someone you can’t hear other players. Where should I look for a problem?

I have a server on vps kvm debian 8.


u probably already did , but first step would be to check if your character lips are moving if not ( turn OFF then ON voice comms in your settings ) , also trainers like “mellotrainer” and such… can create issues with voice channels so i would turn them off.


Is there anyway to make people not able to call others if they have no phone in their inventory?


The phone is not want to vanish. So when I close the mobile tab the phone stays in my character’s hand and I can’t even open again the phone menu.


Would appreciate an answer.


where can i change the key to open the menu