[Release] ESX-ALphone (call system)


Question, When a service receives a message for help, (i.e. Police) There is a red gps marker on the message when officers pull the messages up to look at calls they missed. Is that icon supposed to be clickable? If so it does nothing and services can;t get the location from the messages, just location if they accept the call when it comes through.


This error, when i call someone we cant hear each other, other player’s nearby can hear like normal talking. Any idea ?


How do i add a new app for a job ive made?


asd Any clues on how to fix this?


and do I need esx_blackberry to make it work?


Yes, you need esx_blackberry
Btw. You have to start essentialmode and es_extended BEFORE esx_phone3 e.g.
start essentialmode
start es_extended
start esx_phone3


I’ve manged to get it work, but there is another weird thing now. At first, people could call each other, but now they cant for some weird reason. It says that the contact is offline.


hello how to remove the animation instead to escape and I can not write or send the cords and message


Hey i have the Problem i have the script on my Server and when i open it it open but it doesnt close and doesnt open again !!


Have you any Errors in your console


so i have got it installed now how would one remove icons sort of new at all this any help would be great


[REQUEST] It would be cool if you need police, ambulance, taxi or mechanic. Instead of sending message it would make you call to police, mechanic, taxi or ambulance. Example. You call police, all units gets that call and when one cop takes it call would end on other cops. Then other cops can go into messages and that way get the gps address. That would be REALLY cool if its possible to make.


(Question) I love the phone this is awesome. Being able to make calls changes our RP quality by 100% My question is can we change the background of we incorporate the Another Phone 1.0 and credit Another Life in text on the picture. We would also include credit somewhere on our loading screen for the phone.


Hi, the phone doesn’t work with the police job for me. Any reason why this could be? And any solutions?


With “doenst work” i mean that when i call police, they wont recieve any message.


I have a problem, the mechanic app does not work in my phone after sending a message, mechanic does not get a reques


start esx_phone3 before mecanojob

start esx_phone3 before policejob


is the phone 3 esx_Alphone ?


I’m currently trying to add a check if they are in markers then don’t allow calls to go threw cause currently its causing a continues infinite ring.


dude, start the resource before ur mecano job