[Release] ESX-ALphone (call system)


Please, can someone transform to VRP??? i need this!!!


we got a problem that affects the ESX_Phone System. (We got the normal ESX_Phone and the ALPhone installed)
We can send messages and call other players, no problem.
But we cant send messages to the Police dept. and we dont know the hell why…

I tried to handle it with some variational Phones, didnt worked out for us.
I would appreciate it if anyone could help me :S


just download this one, rename alphone to esx_phone3 and replace esx_phone with esx_phone3.


ye, everything is fine. However we destroyed our systems, so we decided to set up a new server. And look, its working now :smiley: But thanks for your advice


Can you somehow implement this as an item so you could buy it and steal it from people. And if so how?


When someone add a contact he or she has to rejoin firstly then the phone number arrives.

Perfect Mod thank you so much merci beaucoup!


[QUESTION] I wonna include a new job. I copy esx_policejob for example and want inclue the job - i called him simsalabimjob - in the phone, that the job get messages and phonecalles… where i must insert what that it works, please?



Thx for the answer, two new questions:

  1. Be sure you wirte the starts in the server.cfg in…
    you mean:

start esx_phone3
start esx_blackberry
start esx_simsalabimjob …??

  1. Where I get the Icons, like a list?


Yes you have to put it like it in your cfg

start esx_phone3
start esx_blackberry
then your job

Then I have the same question or can we add new icon if it works like esx_phone in base64Icon?


Ok, in witch parts i must enter simular lines with the new job please, i m sure forgot something—


Loving this phone, great work.

Does anyone know where I can change the activation key? It’s currently activating when I press “1” but I’d prefer it on “F1”?

Also, did anyone manage to get GPS co-ordinates working when you press “U”?

Thanks in advance.


I have cracked changing the key (I was being blind) just need to crack the GPS system now.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Same for me @Daemonicus ! I need to crask the GPS system, I don’t know how to do :frowning:

Someone know ?

Thank’s guys !


We can’t change the background and the icon on the phone ?

“We dont give any support you have the key to do what you want with this, just dont change graphics/design for creator work please.”

i’m a little disapointed x)


How did you do to change the key to f1?


esx_ALphone > Client folder > main.lua > at line 480 change “if IsDisabledControlJustReleased(0, Keys[‘1’]) then” to “if IsDisabledControlJustReleased(0, Keys[‘F1’]) then”


How to i can change language for english?

And why i don’t get notification from EMS aplication in telephone?


Hi i have problem
I do everything as in the instructions in the database I have added blackberry files changed folder names and when I enter the server and when I click f1 nothing shows


Is it possible to have more than 1 voice channel active at once? Right now when you call somone, aint nobody can hear you and you can’t hear them. Don’t know if this even possible for fiveM. Anyone?