[Release] ELS FiveM | Server Sync | Lights | Sirens | Custom Patterns


still looks like shiiiatt but brighter a bit


No need to be cluttering the topic. Have you put your post fx to high or more? If not try that.


yes it was already set at high i tried ultra no change. any other recomendations?


Try using the visual mods in the support chat on my discord. I’m on mobile right now so I can’t link to the download but I can try in a bit if you’d like.


when you could i would appreciate the link

also another thing i notice its like the lights dont reflect on any walls




Is it possible to have a light stage turn off when at stage three? Like having secondary lights turn off when stage 3 is active?
Or is that not a future of server side els?


whats up with els and the lagggg


Dont be on a potato?

@Epic_Gamingno that is not a feature.


im not on a potato just think it was an update idk tho


People that have “lag” usually have lower end computers.


nah fam


Hey, A lot of my ELS vehicles have a small lighting issue. I think it might be something with the VCF’s but im not sure. Also not to sure how to edit them properly to fix it. I will attach a video and the VCF for people to look at and check. The lights and sirens work fine but when ELS is off the Wig Wags in the headlights stay on. I have not found a way to shut them off unless I respawn the whole vehicle.

pranger.xml (5.3 KB)

[Release] Five M Visual Pack
Police Lights Visibility with distance

Does anyone have a sheriff xml file i can have i cant find one anywhere


It should come with your vehicle


I just installed this for my server and the ELS lights on the vehicle are just an epileptic mess of red and blue, why is this?


It has suddenly stopped working for addon vehicles???


One of my members is having problems when he is near a car that has ELS on his game starts to lag. Anyone have a fix?


In the latest DEV build [1.75] , stage activation for the controller seems to start at stage 3 and goes down. is there anyway to fix this? Thanks.


So I have tried on an old version and I just reinstalled fresh today with the CHP pack and two others that support ELS I constantly seem to be having an issue that the lights don’t actually emit light I can see the texture change so there is very dull color but they don’t emit any light from the light bar besides what ends up being seen on surroundings. Any ideas on how to fix. I don’t have client side ELS installed. POST FX is on Ultra.