[Release] ELS FiveM | Server Sync | Lights | Sirens | Custom Patterns


Hey everyone! After a bunch of developing, testers testing, and having fun with this project I am proud to announce its release.

Installation Guide


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OUTSTANDING work, thank you for delivering on something that the entire RP community has been waiting for!!! We appreciate you!


you are a beast my dude


Interesting release, but my sync is not always working.


Awesome non syncing UI bro great job


Thank you sooooo much for this everyone has been waiting for this for a long time!!!:grin:


Hi. Please keep this thread civilised and drama-free.


Love the script MrDaGree. Thanks for the release. Finally an ELS script. we have all been waiting on :grinning:


Great script. Have been helping to test it prior to release and it’s so nice to finally have synced ELS style lighting. And any vcf changes can be done quickly and easily without the need for players to download client side. Awesome improvement over using ELS client side like we used to.

Thanks for this release and for the honor of being able to test prior to release.


Hi ! Thank you for this awesome script! I’ve got a question : Is this script works with ELS’ vehicles? Just like ELS vehicle on LSPDFR ? Or it’s special vehicle for this version of ELS ? Thanks!


https://discord.gg/hzsgrZY Is his discord link, believe it’s any ELS but there is a how to and support through the discord.


This works with any ELS enabled vehicle that uses VCF .xml Files.


nooooooo the door issue is back on els hopefully that get fixed eventually


I will just post this here for future reference the internet tells all just remember that thanks.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Last I recall seeing ejb’s, it’s source code, and the license it has is Commercial Use, modification, and distribution. The only thing @MrDaGree has done wrong is not disclose his source.

(Which I’m certain he’ll do soon enough considering it was posted an hour ago)

Let me do add the source I found the license for EJBs… before I have to hear it…


Leave it alone. Its not like anyone else was releasing it. Anyway most people most likely made it to make money and never released it. I’m happy that he made it for the community


Okay that is valid only if @MrDaGree licensed his source code under GPL.


Fair enough, maybe he’ll reconsider licensing under a GNU license.


You didnt get it in the right context. I wasn’t stealing his project. This was before ejb closed his. During development I never once used any of his code, “FullSync”, or whatever. All 100% mine.