[Release] ELS FiveM | Server Sync | Lights | Sirens | Custom Patterns


Actually looks like I figured it out finally! No assistance needed.


I had this in my server and for some reason when I walk just a little ways from my car, the lights disappear. How can I fix this?


Up the sync distance in the config.


Iam find this 1.75 puts everyone into a split session , every time, what can it be,


Hey there!

I’ve installed the “els-fivem” resource, and added every vehicle i have. But for some weird reason it gives me an error, and it just doesn’t load the vehicles .xml files that i’ve placed in there?

I don’t know anything about this, so i thought i’d just go to a place and ask about it, where people might understand :slight_smile:
Could someone help me?


Can you post a pic of your xml.lua file please?
thats where the error is so we kinda need that to help. :grinning:


@TheDevJeremy here’s the file,
I think that’s a little easier haha

xml.lua (9.7 KB)

But are you sure you need the xml.lua, instead of the config.lua? since the config.lua is the place where i wrote down all the .xml’s?


ok so just looked at it and as far as i can tell there is an error triggering on line 248 that is causing this error…

print("\n[ERROR] " .. fileName .. " is broken! Please put in online validator and fix!\n")

im not really sure why its crashing you. @MrDaGree any reason its doing this?


Nevermind… i feel so dumb right now haha.
the resource was outdated, that was the els-fivem from 4 months back :confused:

A buddy sended over the new github release, and now everything works perfectly!

Thanks anyway!

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Has nothing to do with that. The XML was broken.



How can i setup ELS for addon police cars? i have an ELS file and it works fine. Buth cars won’t get out of the way :frowning:


Did you even try to watch the video on it. You add add-ons the same was as replacers. Add the vcf files added the config line and restart.


yes i did :smiley:

And my lights are working fine but my problem is that NPC won’t move out of the way when running code 3 like it does on replace cars :smiley:


Is the vehicle class emergency in the metas



Uploading: vehicles.meta…
Inserted the meta file. It goes about BMWMOTO, VOLVO,MUG WP3.
checked vehicleclass and it says VC_EMERGENCY.


Quick question since I am getting deeper into modding and looking to add some ELS vehicles from LSPDFR.com. How do I go about doing so? Do I just download them and copy the files into a folder and put the XML where needed or is there a more involved process? I was doing some googling but came up empty. If anyone can point me in the direction about how to do so that would be excellent!


how would i go about making the xmls not use SEC in stage 3.


Download the file and add the ytd files just like any other vehicle into your assets folder (or wherever you keep your cars at), then put the xml file in the els vcf folder and open vcf.lua and add that xml file.


Anyone know if arrowboards work? e.g the ones in this pack. https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/17771-els-blaine-county-regional-police-pack-ft-arrowboards/?tab=comments&page=2


Can somebody please verify that the the door bug and the self-repairing vehicle bugs have been addressed?

I’m looking into possibly using this in my server.