[Release] ELS FiveM | Server Sync | Lights | Sirens | Custom Patterns



Any solutions for that pattern problem why els is reading pattern codes wrong ?


i need help… I like to customization els and setup traffic advert .


Because that was the way it was setup. I’ll be fixing it sometime this week when I have time.


Change secondary lights type to traf


Okay, so here is something that I figured out. I noticed that I wasn’t putting the xml in the config.lua. So that was a mistake on my part. But it still had the same problem. Crazy! The police pack that was working, I ended up removing and changing it to a new pack. Then none of the polices worked. So it appears to me that when I remove anything, it stops working. I’ve done this to several things, and they’ve all stopped working. So then, I did a complete reinstall of ELS and cleared my recycling bin (In case somehow the deleted xmls were effecting.). Still nothing.

What meta files are required for them to work? I’ve noticed that a lot of the police packs I’ve been getting do not contain carcols, and I’m wondering if that could be the problem.


Most ELS vehicles don’t require anything more than just streaming the vehicle and the VCF unless you are doing an add-on vehicle. Dm me a copy of the VCF please!


Sent you the file. Thanks.