[Release] ELS FiveM | Server Sync | Lights | Sirens | Custom Patterns


anyone ever solve the sync issue where u hear distant sirens if a player has lights on? stopped using five-els because of this.

This isn’t because of this script, it happens without it too.



I update ELS to 1.75 and i notice that lights goes crazy, bit checking around and seems patterns goes in mirror, when light should be off its on, i edit one pattern that 1 is 0 and 0 is 1 and then patterns was like should be.


Yep I had the problem of the lights going really fast to the point where I got fed up trying to fix it and asking for help and got none. So I just went back to non els.


Going fast is your client fps, if you use vsync so limits to 60fps lights flash slower.
How i notice that patterns was going mirror, if you focus to lights you see that lights are almost all the time on and when those should make flash they go off.

Im doing few patterns in to mirror and hope this will be fixed somehow later.


What are you talking about?


Here can see that i mirrored pattern code and now patterns flash like should be


xD I should fix that lol


sorry but your absolutely wrong i have spent many many hours testing this and it only happens when fivem-els is running on a server. (test performed over 5 different servers hosted from western usa to germany)


Still have no idea what fivem-els is. With ELS-FiveM I’ve never once ran into this issue. If you wish to get further support please DM me on how to recreate this and anything different you’ve done to ELS-FiveM


The Fact that your to arrogant to overlook a simple mis type tells me im wasting my time trying to help you identify an issue. All the best with it but i now know why as you said “no one reports anything to me”.


You’ve done it for the past 3 or so messages you’ve posted here. ELS-FiveM gives no issues for myself and for people that have reported issues to me and allowed me to help. If you do wish to have help I need a bit more than some text, perhaps a video in your case, and server logs. You may think Im arrogant but come be me for a day getting PM’s that can easily be found in the readme, on my discord, etc. Its helpful for both you and I if you just give me all the information.

Also no one reports anything is not due to me being “arrogant” ask people that have reported their issues fully to me. I’ve fixed it. Just right now Im busy so I have a few things I have to fix but those people that have reported it gave me enough information for me to identify the problem.


what more information can you possibly need. let me make it really easy for you to understand.

When your ELS resource is used on a server and a player is in a police vehicle and is responding with lights only (no siren) a distant siren can be heard until the above mentioned person gets within visual distance then the resource recognises that they in-fact only have lights on and the siren stops. This has been tested and replicated across roughly 7 different servers and the result is the same. There are no errors in the server log and no conflicting resource. Ive helped many people get this ELS resource working on there servers and almost all of them ask me within a week or to about the distant sirens. Hence my original comment of “has any one fixed the issue”. I cant make it any more obvious what the issue is without showing you. (video will follow) You can send me a Pm anytime and ill gladly re-install the resource back onto one of my testbed servers and demonstrate.


This should have nothing to do with ELS, there is nothing ‘checking’ the distance or anything to see when it should mute or anything and this is most likely an actual GTA thing.


That was my first thought but it only happens when the resource is installed.


Is there a way to by default not have the lighting controller pop up on the bottom right hand side? I know you can toggle it on off with ctrl + P but I’d rather have it off by default and toggle on if needed.


In the client.lua top of the file there is a thing for it. Just change it to false.


Got a couple problems with it and a couple questions.

For reason, my fbi.xml isn’t working. The car works fine, but there is no ELS system or functions. The odd thing is that FBI2 works fine.
I also installed a firetruck, and it’s XML isn’t working either. But the ambulance does.
Another biggie, does this have support for addon vehicles? I installed a fire and ems mega pack, and none of the xmls work for it either.

Could it be that I don’t have carcols.meta for FBI?


That doesn’t sound like an els problem but an XML problem. Also it does support add-ons.


Well, I went and I removed everything from my server except the car pack which contains the FBI. No dice. Keep in mind this a complete vanilla at this point. The Sheriff didn’t work either. All the other slots work fine except those two, which leads me to believe it is something with ELS. I have installed at least 6 FBI slot vehicles and none of them work, sheriff is the same way.


Again, sounds like a VCf issue but I cannot help without seeing it.