[Release] ELS FiveM | Server Sync | Lights | Sirens | Custom Patterns


You cant use luxart with it without keybinds etc conflicting. Depending on what version you use the engine never turns off but was fixed in later version


Is it because I got rid of all the keybindings in the config?


I really dont know what the reason is because I am not you. I do not provide support for luxart and els together but you may find some luck with asking on my discord with people that managed both.


Greetings, we have a server we have this installed on. We just put in a couple of new car packs. The only emergency lights that activate are the primary lights no matter what stage lighting is activated. I can manually turn the lights on steady burn via trainer and modifications (extras) for the traffic advisor but it does not flash when I have a light stage active. I’m sure we aren’t the only ones with this issue. Any help would be awesome!


Hey guys I have a little problem. So I installed every thing fine and no errors in the consol, but all my lights are kinda shit. So all light are messed up and not really blinking just shining permanently


do a f8 console and type restart els-fivem does that clear it up?


I’m having a similar issue. My lights look as if they are flashing extremely fast, or even just steady shinning depending on the pattern its on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pyOYrdD_0E There’s a video, and in that video, that’s a slower pattern I found. Some are a lot faster, but I can’t find where to turn down the speed, or if that’s even the issue.


Is it possible to configure something so that when I load the vehicle the pattern will be pre-selected at a pattern number?
Like making it so every time I spawn this vehicle PRIM pattern will always be 33… if that makes sense


Edit your .xml file for your vehicle. In there should be a place for you to setup that.


I tried to do that but its not working, maybe I did it wrong, does that work for you?


so FiveM updated and now els stopped working. server files are update along with the new els update.
any ideas??



What are you talking about?


well fivem just had an update at least my client side updated. Then els 1.1.3 stopped working. when I would spawn a police car the radio would turn on, I could not turn the lights on or sirens. all the .xml files were correct along with the car files. so I updated my server files and els 1.1.3a fix and it still does not work. It was working perfectly before my client side updated.



Same here


I personally have had no issues with this and have not been able to reproduce this, if you want support i can gladly give but would require more info in dm.


@MrDaGree is it possibel to make the policelight slower it goes really fast on the danish cop cars :smiley:
btw +1 rep too you!


Hello, or should I go to adjust the intensity of the beacons? thank you so much


Hey, this isn’t controlled by ELS. Install a light enhancement mod such as Radiance V.


i need help the NEW ELS Wont Work i get this
Stopping resource ELS-FiveM
cfx> Error running system event handling function for resource ELS-FiveM: citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:41: Failed to execute thread: server/server.lua:678: attempt to get length of a nil value (global ‘vcf_files’)
stack traceback:
server/server.lua:678: in upvalue ‘handler’
citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:219: in function citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:218
stack traceback:
[C]: in function ‘error’
citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:41: in field ‘CreateThreadNow’
citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:218: in function citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:182
Started resource ELS-FiveM


You’re missing a comma I suppose without seeing it