[Release] ELS FiveM | Server Sync | Lights | Sirens | Custom Patterns


you cant force “brighter lights” for people…server sided.


Then my question is, how was ELS working correctly with bright lights on another server


good question? =) ask that server owner or devs…


I’m having a bit of an issue with This pack. Once I spawn the car and go up or down a Lighting Stage, the HUD for the ELS disappears. Any ideas or remedies?


Something wrong with the vcf.


When turning ELS on for the vanilla vehicles on the crown vic look alike especially it flickers/removes the light bar?


Well… maybe you should actually use an els vehicle?


Yeah, sorry noob question would you reccomend any that are optimised for your pack?:slight_smile:


Hi! ELS is awesome! Just where I could tweek position of takedown light? For most cars it’s rly bad and it creates shadows. And it’s unusable…


Anyone Know How To Get Headlights Working?


This bug isn’t ELS related. Problem is in invalid lights setup in carcols.meta. Try to change it with working code from similar car model (for example here, same Charger, but from different creator)


Thank you it worked!


edit the vcf offsets then. thats how youd fix it.


anyone ever solve the sync issue where u hear distant sirens if a player has lights on? stopped using five-els because of this.


Idk what that first ‘issue’ is that you’re talking about. Nor do I know what five-els is.


A great Resource, but when some police vehicles turn on the lights nearby, it lags too much. Is there any way to optimize it? Thanks


I have low end PC bought year ago and it’s fine with multiple els vehicles around. What’s your specs? What’s you internet speed?


its pretty simple if you read it. there is an issue where police vehicles appear to be running code 3 when code 2 until they get close and it registers that they only have lights on. I have had alot of people tell me they have the same issue across many servers. Just wondered if there was a known fix for it.


Its pretty simple to actually fully explain the issue. This is the first Im hearing of it as no one reports anything to me.


Installed this and it works great. Only issue is that all of my cars go through the lighting stages backwards. I have changed all of my xmls around and cant seem to figure this one out. Any help would be appreciated! Again, stunning work!