[Release] DispatchSystem v2.2



You need to open the port 33333 on your router for the terminal to work.


i cant do that blockba5her


Then you can’t use the terminal. That’s all there is to it.


when is Arresting Ability and Warrant Types going to come out


No plans for that in v3.0, probably v4.0 so it’s going to be a while.


ok i cant wait in till they come out


Is there any chance to improve this so there is not just 1 civilian at a time possible?
I mean whats the point if you can just add 1 civilian in a crime database. Not like you dont remember this 1 guy anyway, or? :slight_smile:
Why put so much work in such an awesome system and just allow 1 civ record at a time?
Would really love to add this to our server.


The reason it’s one civ at a time right now is because it gets complicated fast, when we want to send a message to a civ, which civ do we pick for the person? When creating a new vehicle, which civ is the registered owner of the vehicle? When searching up a specific civ by the user it could return the wrong civ. This all needs to be addressed when creating this and at first that was impossible because it was all controlled by chat. It may be possible now but I’m not doing it now.


First off, I would like to thank you for your dedication and following up on this with numerous updates. I just implemented your v2.2* in my server and the civs and cops LOVE it especially me since it was super easy to install. So thank you very much for saving me the headache of trying to get mysql to work.

With that being said, I noticed someone mentioned a Blood Alcohol Content around version 1 and was just asking if you have considered it further to implement that? Allowing users to set their BAC and having a cop be able to give them a breathalyzer or just press a button and it prints the information in chat after roleplaying it out that they did the test?

Also, We noticed tonight when a cop put a note on a civ that other cops cant see that note only dispatch, is there anyway to be able to view the note client side?

Again, thanks for all the hard work and the free scripts


All cops should be able to see notes, I’ll investigate.
I actually forgot about the BAC thing so maybe v3.0?

Thank you for the input! And also for the remarks about how easy it is, that’s what it’s made for!


Thanks for your reply Block!
I am not even talkin about sending something to civs.
I am just talkign about the simple dispatach/ warranty log for cops. So they can put in like:

civ1 wanted for store robbery
civ2 repeatedly speeding, next time dont ticket, but arrest
civ 3 wanted for murder

And all whitelisted cops, can see, add and remove this things.

Even if you type in the name manually for civ1, civ2, and so on, would be enough and awesome to use for bigger servers.


After a while the dsciv just stops working and wont allow players to set new characters. How do we wipe the data base and reset the system so they can once again create new civ names and vehicles?


Ive been noticing that issue as well.
Just restart the resource in a rcon tool.
restart dispatchsystem
thats done the trick for me so far.


When that happens please please please please join my discord, use the /dsdmp command, and send me the dispatchsystem.dmp file so that I can try to fix it because I can’t fix it without any knowledge of what is going on.

Same for you @Nico_West


Next time it happens, i will do just that.


i will do that next time it happens


Does this have or will have the ability to save civilians names and information so they are not deleted after server restart.

Can you also add the ability to review prior tickets that we added to a civ. That way when someone else pulls them over they can see oh you were pulled over for speeding before.

Also, Can you add it were we don’t have to lookup notes and they appear automatically when we run the person.

Finally, thank you for this amazing mod!


I not entirely sure on how to get the dispatch Terminal working?


Change IP and port in the settings and launch it…


how can i open the port for it on my router