[Release] DispatchSystem v2.2


DispatchSystem v2.2

Hello peoples of the internet, as you may have read by my username, my name is BlockBa5her, and today, I grant you with the power of a free CAD system! This is not like DOJ’s CAD/MDT system in any way but this is made for startup communities. I will be working on this and adding more features as I go on. This is an independent mod that completely does not use anything such as ESX or essentialmode. It’s a simple install and a simple download. The best thing is, IT’S OPEN SOURCE meaning that if you’re a scripter, then you can learn from this!.

Pros n Cons


  • Free
  • Open source
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t use MySQL/CouchDB (and will never)
  • Comes action packed with pretty much no way to crash
  • Changable out of game Dispatch Terminal for Dispatchers
  • Built in database that stores Civilian and Vehicle profiles into a file


  • Only 1 civilian allowed at a time
  • A little buggy being fixed soon though


(more images coming soon!)


Civilian Commands

  • /dsciv - Opens the In-game UI menu for Civilians
  • /dsleo - Opens the In-game UI menu for LEOs
  • /dsdmp - Dumps all of the information of DispatchSystem to a file, used for bugs and debugging. Please use if anything is wrong with DispatchSystem.


Go here for the download
Go here for the source code (developers)



For any help or if you would like to contribute to the project and help people out, please join the DispatchSystem Discord for more! You can also apply to become a beta-tester for early releases of DispatchSystem!


As of 10/10/2017, DispatchSystem now has a website. It is not at a custom URL (bc I can’t afford it), it’s hosted by GitHub, and made by me. For now, it really only works on Desktop and Laptop computers (sorry mobile) (p.s. screen res seems to be fucked on it idk).

To find the website, click the image below:

In the works

  • Arresting Ability - Be able to arrest Civilians as a police officer and have it save to a record
  • Warrant Types - Different types of warrants and different statuses for Civilians

For any other things that you would like to see in this, please put an issue on the GitHub page listed or write a comment below!


  • Thank you to @CloneCommando for sharing his source with me and just being a helping hand! His Source. He also was the person behind the CloNET.dll items which is how all of the internet bullsh*t is done.


v2.2 Update

  • Fixes database crashing
  • Updated Dependencies for better performance
  • Added DumpServer for automatic dumping
  • Fixed some NullReferenceExceptions
  • Updated CloNET
  • Added README.txt inside of repo for people that click the wrong link
  • Complete redesign for the Dispatch Terminal

v2.1.1 Update

  • Only fixes bugs, bugs that it fixes:
    • Hopefully fixed NULL GUID bug
    • Fixed some database bugs
    • Fixed a bug with the terminal failing to detect invalid permissions
    • Maybe fixed some other bugs

v2.1 Update

  • Added dumping system using /dsdmp
  • Added new program to decompile dump file
  • Database upgrades from old filename
  • Updated version of CloNET
  • Added new view to the Civilian Menu & LEO Menu
  • Fixed a couple of bugs regarding the NUI
  • Resources can now have a name that’s changeable
  • Addressed issue on uppercase resource names
  • Updated docs

v2.0 Update (The CAD Update)

  • Fixed ALOT of bugs
  • Databases with compression for data storage
  • Officer profiles
  • Statuses for officers
  • Officer Assignment Use
  • Moved the net stuff over to CloNET
  • Ingame UI for LEOs and CIVs
  • Net data more compressed for faster connections
  • 911 system for Civilians and Dispatchers
  • Corruption FIXED (maybe)

v1.1 Update

  • New permissions system for dispatchers, cops, and civilians
  • Updated network exchanges between Server and Client
  • New casing for Dispatch Terminal
  • Removed an unused DLL file
  • Bug fixes and improvements

v1.0 Update

  • A whole new interface for dispatchers out of game
  • Runs a whole different server on your existing server (Must have port 33333 open)
  • BOLOs have been added, now police and dispatchers can add them!
  • New commands and fixes for commands
  • TICKETS EXTENSION: When issued ticket, it now shows up on the record.
  • Fixed some bugs including license plates being split and command case issues
  • Getting DispatchSystem ready for a database of some sort (Will be changable in the settings.ini and doesn’t use CouchDB)
  • Reduced logging in console when using it (Only puts them in the dispatchsystem.log)
  • Long errors from dispatch system no longer appear in the console, they are only outputted to the dispatchsystem.log
  • Added “Add Note” options to a Civilian for the dispatcher
  • Plates now display as UPPER
  • Fixed a message displaying to the wrong user
  • Fixed some naming issues
  • Change some command usage messages

v0.3 “The Police Update”

  • Added ticketing
  • Added notes
  • Added notes display
  • Fixed chat issue displaying to all players
  • Change method names
  • Fixed some docs issues
  • Removed definition for vehicles
  • Optimized command code

v0.2 Update

  • Fixed some messages when creating profiles
  • Added vehicles and vehicle commands to the system
  • Added Registered Owner to the vehicles
  • Fixed some argument issues and event issues with the Civilian commands

[Release] [External] CloneCAD
Ingame Police MDC

Some quick questions can anyone just set warants and bolos out? if not where are permissions held?



You know what, I never thought of that. When I do implement those features in a later date I will add some sort of permission system to DispatchSystem so that only police can set these items.

Thanks for the suggestion!



Hey man this is awesome, thanks for releasing this!

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That would be great. Maybe just a steam hex id or something along the lines of that would be awesome. For now im just gonna hope nobody finds out the commands lol

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Well, they’re not implemented yet, those are just the things that I am working on. The current commands that are in are under the Commands title.



This is Cool, maybe have an automated message when players join with the commands



You could always set that up yourself, but maybe I could make it a feature in mine…



Oh okay i see now. My apologies. Great script none the less.



Just tested it and its working great, I would love to see that Warrant Types feature or maybe just a notes feature when you run their name. If a cop could check and see if someone was violent, previously ran from police, known drug user/dealer, etc… it would be perfect.

/note {first} {last} drug history
then when the police type
/2729 {first} {last} it shows [drug history] next to the name.

Keep up the good work!

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rally does look good, maybe a database added? :smiley:



The reason I made this is so that people that don’t know how to use CouchDB and MySQL can have a simple a free solution, instead of spending hours trying to learn it for a server that only has 5 people. It’s just a free solution to a problem that they can tackle in the future. So no, I am not or ever putting a database to the mod. Sorry.



Its an awesome alternative, maybe make 2 versions?



Finally someone who gets it, I just wanted the most basic cad/mdt script with temporary profiles for when my friends want to play some cops vs robbers and get into some police chases cause they got a warrant. Those fancy menus and sqldb systems are great but not everyone is trying to do a 30 person heavy roleplay server.

If you need help with testing any new features let me know, really looking forward to more updates.



This is pretty much exactly what I’m looking for, now all I have to do is get it to work with mysql.



It doesn’t need MySQL!



love the new update cant wait for the next one hopefully with a ticket system. and a idea idk if you thought about it is maybe make it on a gui menu like a f10 key



“It doesn’t need MySQL!”

But if it did it would be that much cooler!

I was so hyped reading this and then read it wipes on server restart. NO!!! =P

In any case - well done and thank you so much for sharing this.

You Rock!

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Love this script! Is there a way to change the registered owner of a vehicle? Doesn’t make much sense to mark a vehicle as stolen and also be the registered owner of the vehicle.



Yeah, I will implement that in the future, but for now, this is what you got.

To get the R/O to go away though, you could just take off the registration.

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