[Release] DispatchSystem v2.2



google it, google it, google it


is there a way to sync it up so when they create their identity upon first server connection it creates their profile to match?

or maybe make it so the profile create menu pops up on first connection like a combo of skincustomization and disclaimer?


Creates a mess if theres other popups eg like server disclaimer but this will do it.

AddEventHandler(‘onClientMapStart’, function()-


thanks, maybe there would be a way to make it so it pops up after you finish character creation? i just dont want people running around unregistered…


where would i place that code? sorry, i just tried and it crashed fivem


I had it in the menu.lua file



I have tested DispatchSystem on 2 different test servers I am running on my local machine, it runs just fine on 1 server, but it gives this error on the actual server im building to play on

also when i type is /dsciv or /dsleo, nothing happens


You’re getting the dump error because I actually have the server down right now. I’m working on a replacement for v3.0 that should be 10x faster. I don’t really know why /dsciv and /dsleo won’t work, try joining the discord server so that I can help you.


they are working now… not sure what changed, i replaced the folder in my resources with a fresh extract from the download and it started working


It might have been just a mixup of some names or something… The resource doesn’t work if the name has capitals in it.


can you have more then one civ now or no?


That feature in v2.2 and in the upcoming v3.0 is going to be a no-go


How do you get it where the cad looks Different like the screenshot of the white version ?


Is this work with vrp ?


It should :sweat_smile:


how do install this?


i love this script, it works great! i just have one question and its probably an oversight on my part…

is there a way to create an assignment and assign it to a specific officer?


Yes, you right click the officer, and in the “Assignments” box, right click and you have the option to create a new assignment for the officer or add an existing assignment to the officer.


server crashes when the civ ends the 911 calls :confused:
still awesome script that we needed!
awesome work


we had a similar issue, we ended up rewriting some of the code in those functions to stop it from doing that