[Release] DispatchSystem v2.2



is there any way you could send me the code to fix it? Would be really awesome of you


maybe send it to me to? haha


Will never use MySQL or Couch? Then how do you plan on storing data.


did they send you the fixed code?


not yet. I was talking to them though.


I already store the data in a file called dispatchsystem.data. I will probably never use MySQL or any SQL data query for DispatchSystem.


any way that this is going to be fixed soon?


It’s not a bug, therefore it will probably not change. This is a system meant for startup communities, and mostly for people with no experience.


i heard from my community it works on the root but not on my localhost


Does that mean only one civilian can be in the system at the time or what? I’m confused to as what this means
or you can only search up 1 civ at a time


This means that you can only have 1 Civilian PER PERSON at a time. You can’t have multiple profiles per person like some online cad systems.


Hello I’m getting a issue with this I don’t know whats wrong with it.

Could someone help me please this is what I’m getting in the chat box!

Please some one reply to me or pm me for further info.

Thanks in advance or add me on discord leepafc2#8302


This has nothing to do with DispatchSystem, ask on the original topic of dunko vRP.


oh right I thought it was?


So I have this problem and it is that when you go in the server it doesn’t load the terminal source, and what I thought is that I didn’t install it in a correct way so if someone can help me with the installation because I am confused, I know this sounds dumb but I just can’t start this system.


I get this error when i try to run the terminal put /dsleo and /dsciv works ingame just fine…


How can you add so cops only can open leo


I have an issue where it always says contact server owner. when I am the owner


happens whenever a ingame client responding to 911 dispatcher what could be the problem?


idk why but my game just doesent load with the dispatch system
Its loading and never stops