[Release] DispatchSystem v2.2



That isn’t even caused by Dunko’s vRP version, that’s Catraz’s vRP edit.
Edit…not hijacking thread but if you turn off debugging in vrp/cfg/base.lua it will stop those
messages from popping up in your chat window.


ok thanks very much for your reply its much apricated, I have removed this script off my server, as I hate errors on my server :slight_smile:


Interesting little issue when trying to message 911.


A friend and I are getting an issue, that is: Whenever we do ‘/dsciv’ or ‘/dsleo’ our cursor gets struck on our screen when we try and exit. Plus, the only way of getting out is closing your FiveM through task manager.

Any fixes?


where is dispatchsystem.dmp?


Really great work here, thank you so much for this, definitely one of my favorite additions to my server.

If I may make a request/suggestion, would it be possible to add vehicle make and color to the vehicle options for more realistic police RP when running plates…?

Also, would it be possible to make a way to send BOLOs to a Discord channel using a webhook…?

Thank you again!


so how would i open the port on my vps


how can i put me to dispatcher ?
to player can call 911 in dispatch


I do not blame you for that. Errors like this should not be in any release, is why I do not use it. edit…posted above the fix.


Hi, I love the system, though I am wondering, where do I find the system hosted like a website (what port), and how do I change the language? Because it’s all in french or something…


I can’t seem to connect the terminal to my Server :confused: Could I get some assistance? I dont get what it means by Port (Not Server Port).


Does it wipe the information on every server restart?


I could’ve sworn I remember a system within this mod where units would show up in text on the top right of the screen in a list, which showed their statuses and what not.

Is that possible? We are looking for a system that allows cops or dispatchers to see unit statuses update and easily read on their monitors as they drive around and to easily allow others to remember their callsigns.


it lets me become a cop an when i remove my cop rank i cant become a civ


just leave the port the same if you did not set one in the settings and just do the ip for the terminal