[Release] DispatchSystem v2.2



That isn’t even caused by Dunko’s vRP version, any version of Dunkos. That is caused by an edit based on Dunkos vRP made by another dev, I know because I saw it happen when I downloaded it. It has to do with replacing the default vrp-mysql with a different mysql for vRP. This plugin of the cad has nothing to do with that.


You seriously need to go to the dev that released that edit off Dunkos version. The guy is called Catraz. I’m sure you know that, he made the edit.


ok thanks very much for your reply its much apricated, I have removed this script off my server, as I hate errors on my server :slight_smile:


I saw he said he was going to fix that error but that was a few months back. He may eventually get to it. Other than that its a good edit.


Interesting little issue when trying to message 911.


A friend and I are getting an issue, that is: Whenever we do ‘/dsciv’ or ‘/dsleo’ our cursor gets struck on our screen when we try and exit. Plus, the only way of getting out is closing your FiveM through task manager.

Any fixes?


where is dispatchsystem.dmp?


Really great work here, thank you so much for this, definitely one of my favorite additions to my server.

If I may make a request/suggestion, would it be possible to add vehicle make and color to the vehicle options for more realistic police RP when running plates…?

Also, would it be possible to make a way to send BOLOs to a Discord channel using a webhook…?

Thank you again!