[Release] [ALPHA] "Arma III" Styled Missions


you answer to fast… i was editing my post…


Is your latest version (v2.7) working?

If so I need to update the version I have in the thread.


Hi. No, its buggy.
2.6 works. I am working on a 2.7 v2 in the meanwhile :slight_smile:

@sixsens: Yeah, money pickups do not give money it seems.


I think for money you’ll need to use an RP framework, or Essentialmode, or something idk.

But I know that it wont work without a framework that supports it.


im using esx… and money come in for everything but not for those money pickup.

love when my dude is replying…
see ya :point_down:


I saw the problem. I was triggering an event across all clients from the server, when it should of only been towards the source player. No wonder you were seeing craziness!
This should be fixed now. So updated to version 2.7.1:

Also added some extra server side code to keep things clean when no players are connected, as well as some user-friendly chat messages for connecting users.

If you still get funkiness with that let me know. There are 3 settings at the top of server.lua (blFirstPlayerAutoStartsMissions,blServerClearsMissionforZeroPlayers,blServerRestartsMissionsafterWait), so if you see funkiness, turn them all to false, but you shouldnt need to hopefully. blFirstPlayerAutoStartsMissions can be turned to false, since soon as another player joins, the first mission will need to be stopped/completed before they can play etc…

So basically, this resource works best used when all the players are online at the start of the mission, so some coordination will need to happen.

2.7.1 build is focused on keeping the missions system rolling along with the help of the server, like the last build. The main problem is that when a player connects, during an ongoing mission, they cant join the mission in this mod’s current state. The current mission needs to be stopped/completed, either by players in the current mission or by the /stop command (potentially pissing off players in the mission) or by the server restarting the mission after some time, before a new player can participate.

If the version above doesnt work at all for you, you can try this one:

Its a simpler version, that does not have the server cleanups and restarts. So dead missions (all players of that mission offline, or not attempting, or dont have the skill to complete the mission ) will need to be /stop - ped by new players manually if they are not completed by players already online.


fair enouht.
dawm your a god worker…
ill test 2.7.1 tonight
if needed il test 2.7.2 tonight
I have no word to thx enought.
5 stars DEV. my dude


No problem man. It’s only while I’ve had the time.

Glad you are enjoying it and using it.


back from a test live start of the ressource with 4 people online…
the script spawn 4 times the peds. so 13 NPC x4 = 52 Korean to kill!!! lol

Not sure why the script restart for each user the script… cause when a ped is spawn.,… its spawn for every one.


Thanks man, that helps.
Got it, only one client needs to spawn the peds. Was this happening for earlier versions for more than one 1 client?


other version never done that at the start of the mission…
only after a while or on new commers…


i have put the 3 setting to false
and ill start it and go offline and comeback… to see if it still goes

cause this is why we are on this


I’m new to fivem, and dont have experience testing with more than one client, but I can see where the problem is in the code now. So basically, you see 52 red blips as well then? :slight_smile:


no for the first mission we never see the red dot for npc moving around… i thinks there is too many of them we see for a tiny second the red dots and they dissapear. this only for first mission


back from testing … with the 3 setting to false
npc seem to be mission blip on map is gone but
flag area still in function.


flag area? You mean the marker in-game, or the map objective on the map? enemy blips are not working at all I take it?
Out off all the versions… which one has been the most stable/working for you with multiple clients?

Are you seeing any errors in the server console, or client console?



would be good to test together…
2.6 was fine but when we go offline and comeback npc disapear and the mission is easy this way
2.7 cool but still have problem struggling with new commers or problem after 30 minute double npc
2.7.1 Spawn npc times players… meaning for the first mission 13x(players)
When stopping 3 settings seems to be back to 2.6

didnt test till now if 2.7 or 2.7.1 to goes offline and back… but seem to be the same as 2.6


appreciate the information. yes, I expected setting all them to false, to be like for 2.6, which is good to hear. So in 2.6, besides the offline issue you mentioned, everything is working fine? blips show, map objectives, no doubling of npcs for multiple players… even for additional missions after the first one which get auto-started.


true beside the fact that is cool in 2.7 that the server start the first mission by itself
2.6 was more stable.
In 2.6 less problem.

let me do some more test
ill be back


thats good to hear, there is a more stable build. 2.6 auto starts missions too when they are completed. When the mission is auto started after it is completed (one of the clients will start it via the server.), is probably where you might see the problem.

Ok, sounds good.