[Release] [ALPHA] "Arma III" Styled Missions


also, the plotcoords resource in the 2.5 zip file was not working due to a change I made. Use this version instead: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3dcycqk35jj8y2t/plotcoords.zip/file


yeah wasnt workin… didnt tell because i wasnt sure if it was me…


do you have any mission to share…
love this script…


No, I have not created any proper missions yet.


props spawn… but not ramdom pickup.


To be sure, did you try testing without your anti weapon drop script?


weapon doesnt appear.
i was on this all night cant figure it out…
instead of Ramdom can i put a pickup name weapon.
‘already try but’
sorry to disturb with that its the only thing that i cant make work.


No Problem, I appreciate the feedback.
Yeah, you can specify in the missions.lua a pickup hash name like PICKUP_WEAPON_PISTOL instead of RANDOM .


where does the ramdom is done…
i search all script to find the ramdom math thing didnt find.

is its suitable to spawn a pickup item to?
would like some bandage… and maybe medkit…
money… drugs…
sorry again in my virtual life your my best friend at the moment. :star_struck:


in missions.lua for Mission2,
this line:
Pickups = {
_ { id=1, Name = “RANDOM”, Amount = 1.0, Position = { x = -2948.01, y = 8.16, z = 7.42, heading = 0.0 }},_

You can change the Name to any pickup hash value. If you keep it as RANDOM, it will spawn randomly from the list below in client.lua, which you can change to whatever or how many pickups you want as well.

local spawnableWeapons =


Did that work for you?

OK, I have another version, this has more polish…

New features/Changes:
–Native Money rewards for a. Completing Objects, b. killing assassination targets, c. regular kills
Awards will be given out at the end of the missions, and can be configured on a global or per mission level. With mission values taking precedence over global obviously.
See TargetKillReward, KillReward, FinishedObjectiveReward values in missions.lua

–Unused pickups will be cleared up when a new mission begins. This can be turned on/off via CleanupPickups flag, configure this in missions.lua

–There is now a mission title, start message, finish message, as well as mission message that displays during the mission in the lower r.h.s of the screen, along with the current mission title. Finish message will display the total cash earned by the player for the mission. These can all be configured per mission in the missions.lua.


a genius… you read in my mind…
ill try that version in 30 minute…
no i still struggle with those pickup…
i think its on my side… :thinking:

cant wait to try the new version…
your a fast worker… cheers


lets say that the mission is start… and a player goes.offline and comeback… or a new player come in… the blips doesnt appear for them…
im not sure if the mission is available for them.

lets say that the mission can be soo difficult that it take 2 days ti complete… then so many in n out that the script should be in a loop or something.
to take in charge new player.

in some word…
i wanna start the mission… then let the mission goes from one to another in infinite till it comeback to the first mission…
it already doest this but with player that were there at the mission start. not for new commers.

I just try 2 sec ago… start a mission… goes offline and comeback… the script seem to have stop.

New v,26 appreciate the message dispostion good work.
as im using esx i think ill need to adapt the money.
doesnt work for me the way it is.

Good work dude.


i adapt it to esx and money come in!!! perfect my dude
Not sure what you did but pickup weapon work now.
Thx a lot my dude.


Thank you, glad that you are enjoying it :slight_smile:

Yes, I would expect that to be the case where players leave and join in during missions, they would have to wait till the mission was complete by other players, before receiving the next one.

So what I did was add a workaround of sorts. When a player spawns in for the first time, there is a check to see if they are the only player, if so, the mission system restarts the current mission for them, or starts Mission1 for them. This is a way to keep the mission system auto-running.

I also added a server check, to see when the last time a mission was either started or completed, and by default, if nothing has happened in 1/2 hour (configurable via ‘eventwaitlength’ in server.lua), it will restart the mission system, giving a 1 minute warning before doing so, another way it keeps the missions system running for new players. I also added another command
‘/keep’ which will allow current players to vote for the mission to stay active when they see this warning, if they are playing the mission.

Another new version 2.7:

The case where they spawn in and there are other players with an active mission, ideally it would replicate the current mission status, keeping track of alive/dead NPCs etc…, for the new player… but that would require a lot of work if its even possible to do correctly (I’m sure it is, but it is beyond my motivation or time)

So, in that situation, they can communicate with other players or admins and use ‘/stop’ and/or ‘/mission Mission1’ for example to restart the mission for everyone. or they can wait till the current mission is completed by other player. If the server is never empty, and players don’t complete missions, either new players joining or admins will need to use these commands, or the server will eventually do it after 1/2 hour, or probably in less time. (configurable).

When you get a chance, could you please share the esx changes you made. I can maybe incorporate them as a configurable option to native money.

Also, I’m new to FiveM, so do you happen to know anywhere where I can find teleport code for all of the interiors available to FiveM (GTA:Online/DLC/SinglePlayer), since I have the IPLs, and figured someone must have something built to access all the content.
Also, besides the map editor mod, do you know any other apps/websites that show all PROP assets with pictures? The map editor mod is amazing, but its hard to view 11,000 prop assets, even with a search function. :stuck_out_tongue:

I may build some missions related to this and it would be cool to know what props are out there.

credits to a ton of people on these forums, which I learned a lot from, and based some of my code off of: Zabustak, Blumlaut, and many others, especially the original author LanceGood… thank you.

This is an unofficial release of this mod, that I decided to work on, but it’s his mod and original idea, so I apologize for taking the thread over!


haha, ok, one more change I added to 2.7, while I am at it… Also added a ‘MissionPickups’ section to missions.lua, where you can define pickups that spawn during the mission intended to be picked up and used either before the mission objective has been reached or during the mission. See Mission2. The ‘Pickups’ section are for pickups that spawn after the mission is completed, and are meant to be rewards.

Also fixed an issue where the mission text on the screen would occasionally flicker.

EDIT: Added more checks on both client and server sides to ensure that new players joining whilst missions are running are properly initialized. They will still need to have to wait for a new mission to start or restart in whatever way.



Can we talk on discord…


I dont use discord. Can we talk on steam chat? What is your id?
EDIT: OK, I see you had problems with the latest 2.7. Thanks for the information. Best to play with v2.6 for now then. I’m not too surprised there were problems, I slapped in some workarounds that were probably overly complicated.


hi… i love your version…
the missionpickup is reaaly nice
i have many problem… after a while the mission 1 restart and everything spawn in double.
not sure if is cause by another player xonnecting or the 30 minute things…

ill stay with 2.7 cause every time the versiin is uodated i have to reedit everything.

another thing that is not really your problem…
when a spawn a PICKUP_MONEY_CASE or any money pickup… the money doesnt add in account.

trying to figure a way to
if Pickup money thing then

let me be sure everything work before i release a esx version


Yeah, thats probably it, timing issues with code I added for 2.7. Will see if I can fix what I was trying to fix in a simpler way for now. It will not have server auto mission restarts or missions auto-starting when the first player joins in. The player will need to use ‘/stop’ and ‘/mission …’ commands if missions are not running.