[Release] [ALPHA] "Arma III" Styled Missions


we need a 2.6 version where mission is server side, started by the server itself or by an Admin Player.
Mission should be manage by server not by client.

When player come in… he should be where everyone is … and see the blip on map as it should too.
i realise that a new commers seem to see everything but the map blip…

Maybe its only when the player that start the mission goes offline that everything disapear…
this is a maybe.

and yes in mission 1 there is no blip for ennemie npc… we see them like a little glitch for a tiny second and disapear… for other mission ennemie blip always work… maybe we have to many ennemie in mission 1 and it glitch.


Ok, this is for 2.6? Yes, it sounds like a possible glitch with the engine.


all version


to be sure, in 2.6, with multiple clients, when the mission system auto-starts the next mission (w.o. a player using a command), it works fine? No extra NPCs with or w.o. blips etc…


another things…
in 2.6 if i /stop everything disapear
in 2.7.1 /stop mission stop but stuff and noc stay


when I get time, I will see if I can make a build from 2.6 that is more stable and functional, now that I think that I understand what is going on better :slight_smile:
yeah, 2.7 needs to be abandoned for now, I had the wrong approach.

thanks again for the feedback.


in 2.7.1 with 3 setting to false
i start /mission Mission1
no double with multiplayer


Right, I would expect that. But if you complete the mission, and let the mission system auto-start the next mission after 10 seconds default ,with multiple players, you should see N times doubling of npcs. Which I believe I know how to fix now.


no… next mission no double either


wow, ok cool. interesting. tu.


let me go back to the real 2.6…
cause many bugs come in 2.7.1
Just finish the mission1 but NPC and crate doesnt dissapear…
ill edit everything back to 2.6 and try evrything again


but in 2.6 ther is no mission pickup… :sob:


the mission pickups are easy for me to re-add.
not sure if you are using your own missions, but with the default ones, start Mission3, and finish it with multiple players, and let it auto-start to Mission4, it should Nx double the NPCs for Mission4. Basically, any “assassination” type mission will (they dont have markers at the objective).
I can see what Lance was doing in his code better now with ped spawning.


back with real 2.6
More stable… as i finish first mission a nice cleanup come… that is cool
ill be back… testing


Also, for 2.6, newly connecting players will see map objective, marker and blips/NPCs for current mission, so they can basically join in? Its just when everyone goes offline and comes back, just the NPCs disappear?


i have done all mission with 5 player online with me soo 6…
and with the real 2.6 all mission where ok… no double anywhere.

i did all of them and get back to mission 1… and everything was ok…
now i try again to go offline and get back with mission 1 on…
be back


with the real 2.6 if i go offline the mission stop for everyone everything disapear


in 2.7 when server start the first mission by itself i think i can go off and back… i should test it

give me 10 minute… il install 2.7 back


hmmn, thats odd that when you went offline during an active Mission, that everything disappeared for everyone else. Once the mission is running, it should be fine as long as other players are still online that were there at the start (NPCs as well even if spawned initially by one client, should still be there for other players, based on what you told me and Lance’s original code). Did they get an error message in the console when you went offline? I dont see how though.


ok good news…
2.6 work better then i though

i was online with a player with me…
i start the mission, i make sure he stay to see if something disapear
i get offline and get back to him… nothing disapear for him but for me no more blip
NPC stay there waiting…
My Bad last time !#!"$#%

He had still the target blip and could finish the mission… then
he and i see the next mission comin
thats great.