[Release] [ALPHA] "Arma III" Styled Missions


"Arma III" Styled Missions


“Arma III” is a revolutionary game that is based on military strategy and military realism. Today, I present to you the official alpha release of “Arma III” Styled Missions. This resource includes a base mission that you can build upon to add custom missions for your Military Server. Since this is in alpha, I encourage you to please report any problems with the resource, and to also put any ideas you may have for the resource in the comments below. Thank You! ~ Lance :mascot:



Download (v2.2):

Download (Unofficial v2.6):


Does a mission type mod exist?

Looks good :slight_smile:


wow something original! time to speed up the development of my fsx gamemode


Thanks! :heart_eyes:


Pliz post screenshots bro


This will be an awesome edition to our Military RP Server. Can you possibly give us some instructions on the commands?


Now included in Readme.md


Thank you!
[20 Characters lol]


Screenshots now included!


“Arma III” Styled Missions: Patch v1.2:


Could you make it so the mission info is sent to all clients on the server? Might be able to work it in myself but could be a nice feature to have


That is a great idea! I will be sure to do this in the coming days.


that’d be great! would also be nice to be able to spawn an entity like a cash/money drop to collect in a mission, and also add an option to make the player(s) wanted by the police when the drop is picked up


This script is phenomenal! We have already added 5 new missions to it and they are all better than the one before. Changing the weapons and AI is also fun. Awesome work @LanceGood!


No Problem!


This script is GREAT! Thank you for your hard work, I look forward to seeing improvements! You really knocked it out of the park.


I really appreciate that!

Any suggestions you may have about the scripts may be received through my discord. (Which is on my profile.)


Really awesome stuff man, even on non-mrp servers this is wicked for random events.
Keen to see how you evolve this!


The mrp_missions update has dropped!

Go here to either update or get the resource (v2.2):


    - Capture Objectives.
    - Fight against enemy vehicles.
    - Bug Fixes (Client to Server Side).
    - Configuration Fix.

Have Fun! ~ Lance Good :mascot:


EDIT: Resolved my issue.