[WIP] Police Interaction Script | Police Script for FiveM



Here’s a little teaser trailer for what we’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks…

Inspired by the LSPDFR mod, PIS (Police Interaction Script) allows you to interact with AI vehicles and pedestrians.

Current Features List:

  • Pullover AI vehicles! (AI may attempt to run/attack) [100/100 finished]
  • Arrest AI, put them in your vehicles and book them into the void! [80/100 finished]
  • Ask, Run ID and License Plates. [100/100 finished]
  • Breathalyze, Drugalyze, and Search commands! [100/100 finished]
  • Write tickets! [100/100 finished]
  • /mimic feature (Tell the pulled over vehicles where to go!) [100/100 finished]
  • /follow [100/100 finished]
  • Callouts! (WIP) [40/100 finished]
  • /pit and a few other neat commands! [80/100 finished]
  • AI Prisoner Transport [100/100 finished]
  • Random events! [90/100 finished]

More info coming soon…


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Looking good!!



Thanks, man! Really looking forward to your ELS script as well! :slight_smile: -Nick


Hell yea man! Good luck on this :slight_smile:


Another thing that will become amazing! The video doesn’t show much though! It does, however, show someone definitely knows how to make videos :slight_smile: Anyways, looking forward to it


Thank you so much!! We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the status of the mod! - Nick


We have just uploaded some new screenshots if any is interested in checking them out! - Callum


Screenshots looking very good


Oh god it’s beautiful.


I once started this…

Was supposed to be LSPDFR multiplayer version.


That looks amazing… May I ask why have you not released this?

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Holy shit. looks amazing, and long time no see 0.0


coming soon coming soon
good mod


It wasn’t finished and a total mess…

Thanks. True that! I’ve never left though… always around.


Any idea of a release date? This looks amazing.


looks amazing :wink: Any idea of a release date?


Any updates on this?


It is still being worked on :wink:


this looks awesome <3


Sorry for being so quiet, we’re still working on the script at the moment, it’s coming along pretty well… In the meantime, you could check out some of the new screenshots we’ve uploaded!

Some of the things we’ve added include:

  • Random Events (Drunk drivers, unroadworthy vehicles, speeders etc…)
  • AI Prisoner Transport
  • Mimic and Follow (Inspired by Albo’s lspdfr scripts!)
  • A couple of other small features regarding pullovers and traffic management, as well as an overall improved look of the mod, animations and etc…

We’re planning on making an update video fairly soon, so stay tuned for that! We’re also going to track the progress of the development straight on the page.

Once again, thank you, everyone, for waiting!