[WIP] CorruptSnail - A new zombie gamemode [v1.2.1]


did you start the menu resource after the gamemode?


no, I thought since the menu was a dependency of the gamemode it would have to start prior, should I start it after instead?


It really shouldn’t matter on server start actually, but if you (re)start the gamemode while the server is running you should always reload the menu afterwards.


It wasn’t a restart, just the first start of the server after a machine reboot.

To clarify, all the menu entries are there, I just don’t get the items when I use RETURN to select them. I’m left without anything after trying that with every entry.

If you want to try it, you can find the 3 amigos corruptsnail server in the server list ingame.

I can try reversing the order in which I load them if you think that might be a solution


That is weird. Does the console give any usable errors when you select a menu item?


Working perfect <3 , thanks Scammer


Hey @Scammer Im trying to figure out a solution for the same issue schwim had. And i was hopeing you can clarify on if he fixed his issues, and if not if you can help with my current issues.


I did not fix my issue. Due to the inability to spawn items and the terrible input lag I suffer with that particular menu, I was going to adapt vMenu to handle the duties on my server.


I got the actual mod to work, @Scammer didnt add a CorruptSnail.dll into the newest 1.2 version… if you take the dll from the 1.1 version, it will fix the issue of the mod not working.


Also im doing the same with the Menu, i simply couldnt get the official mod to work


@Scammer im having issues findout out where the zombie spawner is getting what ped to spawn as a zombie. And im wondering if you can help… I would like to use the “mani” skin and just retexture it to a zombie as the walking style of this ped is great for it. But no matter what i change it still spawns as normal


Line 54 of ZombieSpawner.cs looks like what you’re looking for.

Ped zombie = await World.CreatePed(PedHash.Zombie01, spawnPos);

If you’re not familiar, you’ll need to download the source linked in the OP, make your changes, then compile it in Visual Studio.


That’s the original line I thought it was. Tried changing zombie01 to jesus01 to see if I could figure it out because ibwas looking for a spawn name or hash code for the zombie ped.i just edited it in NP++ tho, I’ll use visual code when I grt home and try


I apologize I’m new to C# and trying to learn by using this script, it works great and I love it! Just wanna make a few edits to it


Huh? The newest version DOES contain the dll quite clearly.


That’s quite weird, as the menu and the gamemode both interact with each other just fine for me. Without a log it’s going to be hard to debug.

Still though the menu part of this gamemode is written in lua and is pretty much independent from the rest of the gamemode code. You should be able to remove the menu.lua just fine.


It was in my download. I think he might have just neglected to find it and move it to the resource folder. I almost missed it when I unzipped it and realized it wasn’t in a folder already.


I can look again when I get home, didnt mean anything from is scammer, love the mod quite a bit… I will look again at my download, or just redownload it.


Hi there Scammer,

I get absolutely nothing in the server terminal when using the menu to slect objects but perhaps you’ll see something in the server startup that hints to a problem. I’ll paste it below. As mentioned earlier, this is a brand new server install on linux and I’ve not made any changes to the resource files but I did reupload them to the server just to make sure I didn’t corrupt a file somehow.

F8 in client shows absolutely nothing concerning an error when I use the menu.


Why i can use the menu with car and weapons, but the zombies zombies don’t want spawn?
What is the folder I need to download and how should I rename it?