[WIP] CorruptSnail - A new zombie gamemode [v1.2.1]


hi, I wanted to ask how do you install this script?


download the zip, unzip it inside /server-data/resources/corruptsnail, download and unzip the universalmenu into the resources directory and then add “start corruptsnail” and “start universalmenu” in your server.cfg.


The corruptsnail.zip?


Yes you would download the corruptsnail.zip to install corruptsnail. As stated in the first post, you also need to install universalmenu for everything to work.


it continue not to start


You can’t really be helped if you won’t provide more information than “it doesn’t work”. For any sort of assistance, you need to provide any errors, what happens when you do load in, what your server.cfg looks like as well as your resource directory structure. Then people can help you figure out where you’re going wrong.


Make sure you are all downloading the. Base .zip and not the source code… The source will do nothing. This mid works great for being such an early release


Anyone help me on how to recompile this to edit a few things? im trying to add new safe zones and i guess im an idiot on how to recompile it


I too am having the same spawning issue. Here are a couple of screen shots for you from the console.


I’ll put out a possible fix for that once I’m back home again.


Scammer, were you ever able to sort out the spawning issue in the menu? Or is the problem only on my end?


Version 1.2.1 released with potential fixes related to the spawning system.

@4David10 this should fix it

@schwim I couldn’t replicate it unfortunately. Unless this occurs for multiple people, it probably is on your end. If you have any logs that might be useful for locating the issue, you should post them.


Hi there Scammer and thanks for the update. Unfortunately after replacing my corruptsnail files, I now have a 50-70ms warning. Old files do not have this problem.

Also, menu still refuses to work.

If you’re able, would you mind hopping in the 3 amigos CS server just to check if these issues exist for you as well?

As for logs, Could you tell me where I might find them? Win 10 client and linux(Deb 9) server.



I just joined the server and immediately noticed that the menu doesn’t have any sounds either. Did you name the resource “menu” like the instructions say?

Also I can’t replicate the 50-70 ms warning issue. Everything is running fine for me.


I did not follow those instructions properly, sorry :frowning:

I’m getting a reliable ms warning on this . I checked my other games running on the same server and I’m not getting a warning. I deleted the cache for both the client and gameserver. I don’t see anything in either F8 or on the server running in the shell.

Are there any logs that I could look at to track this down?


Greetings Scammer,

Thank you for all the work on this mod and the original Rotten. Will the test server return or should we just set something up to test the new build?


I’ll be keeping my CS server running if you’re just wanting to hop on and try it out without having to install it. Just search " amigos corrupt snail" in the server list. It’s currently running 1.2.1.


Thanks Schwim. I left the safezone, and ran to the quarry but nothing spawned into the desert environment for me.


I also didn’t run across any zombies but I wondered if that was just me as well.


@thenewguy @schwim Can you post your CitizenFX.log files after joining a server with this gamemode, leaving the safezone and wandering around a bit?