vTow - A simple vehicle tow script. Including trailers support



A simple vehicle tow script for FiveM servers.
Including trailers support.

I came across this in a very old backup of my old testing scripts. I’m not sure if it still works without issues but it’s worth releasing as I originally made this for @Deziel0495 but he never got around to releasing it. I since lost the files, until recently when I found them in an old backup, so here it is.

Originally created on the 20th of March 2018.

Example video

Link in case embedding or the link above broke: https://streamable.com/wpk3s


This script probably won’t be maintained.

|Suggestion| A car trailer with a working /tow command

This is pretty neat.

Will you still handle PRs?


bugfixes for sure. new features, not sure. depends on the feature i guess.

Forgot to put this in the license, but you’re free to create a fork of it and host/release your fork. That’s the only exception where you don’t need my permission to release it somewhere else. Granted you keep the copyright & license notice.


Legend! Was legit talking to @FAXES about making this yesterday. Thanks for the great release! :slight_smile:


Hey nice release mate!

Is this for VRP VRPEX or ESX?



This is standalone.


YAY THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! I have been looking for something like this for a while!


good job on the script

all the other tow scripts are somme times lagy and fucked but this tow script is perfekt




Maybe implement it with NativeUI? If there was a menu to select from nearby vehicles like when attaching things via Simple Trainer, that may be handy


Does this verk wiv ESX and VRP at the sametim3?


This is awesome!!

I put it in my server, and it works brilliantly. With one of our custom trucks however, the car glitches into the cab, and then it launches both vehicles into the air. Is there a way to offset the location on the flatbed at all?


I absolutely love this tow system, you did an amazing job!

I know you aren’t too interested in keeping up with this, but if you could direct me to which lines control the vehicle attachment area, I would be very appreciative. I tried messing with some lines last night, but didnt have any luck. It might be vehicle specific. Here’s a little preview:


One major issue i have found addon cars are attatched under the towtruck not sure why.


In that case the addon models are broken.


it’s about every single one of them with a normal tow script no issues.


Not sure. Usually happens when x/y/z are mixed up on the model.


All the tow trucks I’ve tried to do this with, the car is either under or to the right or left side of the towtruck, not actually on the tow truck. Is there somewhere I need to set the coords for the truck??


I’ve tested this with a couple of addon/replacements and with all default trailers/trucks in the game and it works just fine. Might be custom vehicles you’re trying to tow or custom tow vehicles that could be fucking this up. You shouldn’t need to change any config at all.


All I did was add it to server, add to resource, then spawn in the default towtruck and the vehicles spawn under it when you tow, so no idea what I’m doing wrong lol