vTow - A simple vehicle tow script. Including trailers support


I have no clue. Works fine for me. Default and replace/addon cars.


Great script! After some testing by myself and with other players, they’ve told me that if you put a vehicle on the truck and drive to another location, the car basically gets stuck on the truck after doing /tow (to unload). Is there something you can think of that may be causing this? I know you stated that you won’t be doing lots of updates, I just wanted to know if you can point me in the right direction to mitigate/solve this issue.


I have no clue what would be causing this, unless you restart the resource…?


No, I’m sure the script doesn’t restart in the time that a vehicle is towed (unless it’s a huge coincidence). I generally stray away from restarting scripts mid-game which is why I’m confused. I’ll have to do more testing on this one.


Would it be possible to move the drop points on different trucks on my own?


How do you go about getting the attached vehicle facing toward the back. I can get it forward / backward, left / right, but not facing the opposite direction.


Inverse the heading.


how can i change the press home to another key?


By changing the control id in the code.


thank you.


I can confirm we experience that problem with stucked vehicles too.


You can confirm what? Your reply makes no sense, sorry.


I mean - we have that problem with “stucked” vehicles too. Do u understand me now? Sry ^^


“Stucked” vehicles? You mean where you attach them and they no longer come off the trailer?


Yes, exactly.
They come off if you try it maybe 2 minutes after tow, but when you attach vehicle and drive for sometime, they are stucked probably everytime we try it.


That’s very odd and I’ve never had that issue before :confused: not sure what would cause that.