Simple Loadout Menu


This is a simple resource that allows you to do /loadouts and have a list of loadouts you can choose from that will give you a skin along with some weapons. Nothing special :stuck_out_tongue:

• Built off of @Warxander’s WarMenu GUI Framework
• Pretty simple to add weapons and ped skins
• Comes with 6 Loadouts by default



It looks so… Menu

P.S, great work :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks great, could you provide more information about the menu?

  • The key pressed to open the menu.
  • how we can change it
  • (list of) Default loadouts
  • Whether they are customizable


I originally set it up for the command /loadouts as stated at the top of my post :stuck_out_tongue:


Wonderful script!! Great job and it will be used greatly!!!


Hey i love the menu, but is there a way to delete the Ped Skin option? we have custom skins for our police force, and everytime we change the skin and add a loadout it changes back to nothing and the original skin again.


Delete this:

        while not HasModelLoaded("s_m_y_fireman_01") do
        SetPlayerModel(PlayerId(), GetHashKey("s_m_y_fireman_01"))

in each of the ones that you want to remove the skin changing from


Thanks IllusiveTea! works great, now the only issue is the pistol seams to take the place of the Stungun, but thats not the menu’s issue


nvm, figured out the stungun issue, again thanks for the quick reply IllusiveTea!


when i go to select anything besides LSPD it jumps back to LSPD. anyway to fix this? cause rn i can only use the lspd loadout


Press enter on a load out, it’s how warmenu is


#myrequest :raising_hand_man:


Hey all. Having a little problem with the menu not pulling up at all. I see the default key is M. or do I need to do /loadout
/loadout lspd ect…

thanks in advance


If you do /loadouts it will open the menu


Does anyone know how I could implemnt this with vRP so only cops and ems can use it?

I tried but sadly failed.


No… no… no… no ar pee.


Can i do attacthments to the weapons


having problems with the blackscreen staying on


Is there a way to Mp peds on the menu? And how do i add more departments/loadouts


Whats the button to open it?