Simple Loadout Menu


It says it right there


Would it be possible to remove how we have to press enter after selecting a loadout?

What we currently have to do (if you’re confused):
Do /loadouts
Select a loadout
Press Enter
Then go down and press enter on select loadout


Would it be possible to add attachments to the weapons? If so, how?


Yea you add them to the interaction.lua. Just add the attachment hash…


But how exactly would I do that, though? Like this?:

LSPD = {


having alittle bit of trouble adding attachments to the menu ive tried a few different ways if oyu could reply on how to correctly do it thatd be very appreciated


is there a way to change the /loadouts to /leo for example?


you could just restrict the leo job on your server to only be able to use /loadouts or if your leo’s use menus for everything just make a menu button that calls this loadout menu to open


I type in /loadouts in the chat. Nothing happens.


when i choose lspd or any other its just a black screen like 10 min


Im trying to change the command ‘loadouts’ to onduty.

But when i change it to onduty the menu doesn’t open?

Any help?