[Release] Vehicle Extra Menu




You have to update to the latest version of NativeUILua.


Should of checked that :man_facepalming: cheers!


I get this error when i try to open the menu, how can i fix it ?


This guy is right - tryed newest version of NativeLua direct from github, and the newest release, the error happens with both.


the menu does not open for me


Updated to v2.1.0

  • Minor fixes

Download in the First Post!


once i used this in a vehicle it does not open in another vehicle


wait, what

It worked fine while testing…

I will look into this again



Just tested it again, it works fine and as it is supposed to.

Do you get any error messages in the In-Game console?


Working great here too! Silly question but are you sure the other vehicle has extras? I say this because I thought that too but it is because the other vehicle did not have any extras lol


ill check in the console


there are no errors from what i can see


That is weird, that means the resource, at least, didn’t crash

Like @daniel992 pointed out, are you sure the vehicle you checked in has extras?


@Flatracer do not know if this is a error from your script but just found this error


Yeah it is. But that makes no sense since MenuPool:Clear() is available in NativeUILua, so this should work…

Are you sure you are using the latest version of NativeUILua?


yes i deleted the version i had and went and downloaded the latest version like you said to do


Did you take the latest release or did you downloaded the latest source?

Just to be sure, this is the version it works with: NativeUILua.zip (55.5 KB)


ill check and let you know what happens


i checked not getting that error now but nothing comes up when i get in another car nevermind error came back up for me


Ok, lets get this into dms, enough spam for this thread