[Release] Various Mods by DiscworldZA


Hi, my name is DiscworldZA. I create GTA V mods for FiveM.

This is my repo for all the mods I create.


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  • Changelog here

I will create almost anything you can think of. Feel free to request it and I will see about creating it.


Most server owners are not developers but understand the basics. My mods are created highly configurable. Every location or price for the mods will be able to be configured. If you want more configuration options create an issue

All ReadMe contains Configuration sections


Most of my mods work with the Base mod and ESX

The reasoning behind this is to simplify my process and have all my mods up to the same standard and address bug fixing over the whole platform rather individual broken sections.
It is the same concept that ESX works on but for all my needs.

Requirements for all mods

Mod List


Great post. Gonna go through these soon and I’ll leave some feedback if I think of anything for you. Thanks for sharing with us.

Nice dude and thanks for share your work with us! But whats new?

There is still more to come. Some of these mods were created while I was going though my second iteration of creating mods. These are my implementation and balancing of the mods. For instance, there exists many vehicle repair mods but I wanted to sync the doors and movements of the stages to all players and notify the player at any place that their car was ready. A lot of mods use different notification methods such as pNotify or ESX Notify, I picked a notify (Mythic Notify) that worked for me and used this across my mods. These are in no way perfect creations, there can be a lot added and improved. I just wanted to share what I have built and learned so that other can enjoy it and learn from it. After all that is why we are all here, learning and fun!

when starting the drug runs, i am getting the drrugs but its not giving me a sell location ? any reason ?

Okay! Nice work :slight_smile:

Do you have all the dependencies installed? Can you show me server log and client log? Pastebin

Noob question but what do you mean when u say " * Insert Drug Items into essentialmode.items" do you mean add them to the database?

Yes. Basically you need to add the item into the DB and into the relevant mods to make it into a usable item in game.

If this is still the base version you get an item to sell but it doesn’t show up in your inventory unless you add whatever you want the drug item to be, to the database.

Anyone else having a problem with the warrent script? Doesnt seem to be working when u create one

https://pastebin.com/qzBKZNtt – server log
https://pastebin.com/pi8bG0K7 – client log

The Problem on our side is that with the normal gcphone from Nm3tv we dont have the gc:getnumber.
so sending a message doesnt work and gives an error.

Hello @DiscworldZA, thx a lot for your release. I have a problem with your “disc-base”.

The problem is that the resource consumes a lot! Currently, I only launched the armory. Do you have any ideas to optimize your base?

Thank you for your time and work!

This is very interesting. I have checked the resmon on my own local server and I do not have this issue. I am working on optimizing a large portion of the code and I will have a look if I can replicate this. Could you potentially give me the hardware configuration you have so I can simulate this?

Issue added: https://github.com/DiscworldZA/gta-resources/issues/3

Closed Issue. New update resolves performance issue.

It is possible that the gcphone:getNumber was added. I can have a look and see.

Issue added: https://github.com/DiscworldZA/gta-resources/issues/4

Closed the issue: Moved gcphone:GetNumber call to disc-gcphone

I have updated the documentation to clear this up.

As @korathias has said, add this into your DB

@korathias I have fixed it so it should now not allow you to complete the drugrun with no item

Well I tryed to start your disc-base just under my es-extended.
Its now running at 0.12ms ! I :thinking::grin:

The performance issue only happens if you are close to the markers that it is drawing. Can you see if this is the case with yours as well?

Can foi explain what those scripts does?
One by one

Check out each mods readme. They contain all the information needed.

For example Drag Me Read Me