[Release] TrainSportation ~ Drive & Be a Passenger in a train!



I don’t think this has anything to do with this resource. The custom train you have has something wrong with it? This resource only lets you enter/exit trains as well as drive them!


I found out the problem was i was streaming the trains.xml incorrectly. maybe a future addon if its still getting worked on is a way to easily stream the trains.xml with a drag and drop.


So with the model seen above i try clicking F on one of the coaches to get in and it keeps me standing there and if i click F again it just throws me out on the other side like im getting out. any ideas to get it so it puts you in a seat? it works on the locomotive but not on any of the other cars. my theory is that theres no chairs set inside but if anyone knows a possible fix please let me know


I cant spawn the metro train, when i go to the metro spawnpoint only the freight train spawns? How do i fix this?


This is nice. We use this in our sever and it works well, just a few minor desync glitches. But overall works really great


is there any way to put a reward after you drop one gargo?


Not sure what causes this. Something else is changing your trains?


TrainJob doesn’t support any framework. You will have to do that your self!


the problem is that if you do a custom job for the train conductor, some players will take the job only for the money and not running the actual train job, so is not possible to make it into the script to give you reward after each drop?


hey this script will not work


Why will it not work?


I’ve read over this post countless times - I can’t believe I don’t have this in my server yet. Thanks a lot of sharing!


Thanks for using it!


I just noticed in the download there is only a client file. Is there no server side syncing of the trains?


Trains are like any other vehicle spawning. So it’s synced in the same way!


Great, thank you!



add support for more than one passenger. Its bad.
And maybe support for closing/opening doors?
And maybe also walking into the train?


What are you trying to put more than one person into?

The trolly doors don’t really open. There is a wall blocking you it’s meant for peds to do a animation into it I belive. I’m not sure if anything can be done about that.


Currently, I got the issue that only one passenger fits into. I got the problem that three people wanted to enter the train, but it didn’t work.


is there a way to turn up the train horns volume


Ah, I got an idea. How about if you develop passengers for metro, how about making it configurable to unlock it for the big train for people who have high speed skins