[Release] Street Label



Too late maybe? :roll_eyes:

“SE”: = 0,153,253
"Vespucci Blvd": 3,133,223
"Power St, Pillbox Hill": 227,6,228,


For some reason it is fucked up on just SE, anyone know the fix? it is fresh downloaded and installed.



Really been looking for this!!


hey i have a problem it only says that the resource dosent want to load how do i fix this the file is starting


Thank you friend, I’ve been looking for this for a while, good work.


Im always getting an error when joining the Server(Client side) "Couldn’t load resource streetLabel.:("
Can you help me with this one?


If anyone is having problems with the resource not loading during server join, try changing your resource manifest.

44febabe-d386-4d18-afbe-5e627f4af937 is the latest manifest for client side .lua

This worked for me, hopefully it works for you!


Is it possible to change street names also? And just not the areas names


If you, or anyone else is still looking for a fix there’s a pull request i made on github that fixes it.


i’m not having the best of luck right now trying to guess on the X&Y coordinates of moving the UI up and down, seems like whenever i make the slightest little change, it shoots off in a random direction of the screen, does anyone have the exact cords to move this UI to the Top/Middle of the screen?


How do i get rid of the coordinates?


is there a way to only make this show once in a vehicle?


Sorry if this isn’t the right place. I’m trying to figure out something. I am not a coder.
I moved a house interior.
The old location is showing in the streetlabel.
How do I get the new location to show in streetlabel.
Any help to the right direction would be appreciated.
Many thanks.


does anyone know a fix to this script because it runs at 30 to 40 ms for me


Does anyone know why this would be happening.

This is how it originally looks.

I move slightly to the right and it does this. (This happens at random spots of the map)

Edit: I fixed it. I changed a value that I didn’t mean to change for only SE.


No error messages show up and I have loaded into my server. However, I do not see the script. The only thing I have change is the names of each district/suburb. I also did update to manifest version.

Don’t change the location codes, only the suburbs/district names. (or what ever they are called)

[AIRPORT] = "Los Santos International Airport",  >>> [AIRPORT] = "Sydney Airport",

I changed to Sydney Airport and works like a charm, now GTA5 is more Aussie!!!


We have the same Issue - also with SE - can you tell me which value caused this error for you?


Have you figured it out yet. If not change it in your client.lua and under where SE is (the very last line before “S”) I changed it to this.

drawTxt2(x-0.292, y+0.42, 1.0,1.0,0.55, tostring(GetStreetNameFromHashKey(var1)), curr_street_r, curr_street_g, curr_street_b, curr_street_a)


@ SnowinHD
Thank you very much, That was a annoying little issue.


Anyone able to help with adding the server time to this located either above or below. To look similar to the client sided version?