[RELEASE] Police Mobile Data Terminal



What Have I Got Wrong




try $host = ‘localhost’


I’ll look into fixing it now, sorry for the issue.


Great! I can’t wait to see what you do with it, I’m in the process of doing the same thing myself.


To all those who have experienced the issue with creating civilians and other stuff, I have released an updated SQL that will fix the issue.


Sooo cool thanks dude


@Owen_M does this section even work on the home screen?



To your web server mate so you will need to either set one up at home or pay for one and all you need to do is use an ftp client to upload the cad system to the hosting provider of your choice.

Oh and also you need Mysql or equivalent aswell.

Hope this helps


Aye, it was just never fully pushed.


Added it to my webhost and setup the connections in the data base correctly but everytime i attempt to login i get this error.

Warning : mysqli_fetch_assoc() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, boolean given in public/MDT/Files/_assets/php/helper.php on line 18

Did i get a bad file or is there something i messed up somehow? @Owen_M


Okay that is fine, I was just wondering so I can delete it from the index.php then. I took the time for my community to convert the MDT into an American Police Version since I know yours was mean for the British Police. This is how mine looks:

I renamed a lot of it and reset the Priorities to make sense for people within the United States. I thought it came out quite nice. I gotta say @Owen_M you did an amazing job on this. Great Work!!!


Why is this CAD identifying users by their DOB.


hi i can test the american version


Absolutely love it, amazing work!


Date of birth, where?


https://gyazo.com/b1403b76d4b278cf5b6172d86ff5ec63 im getting a bunch of line errors like this even though i have correctly done the db info


@Owen_M Is there a way we can have it so users can register themselves instead of Admins doing it for them?


@Owen_M Would you want me to send a private message to you of my American Version of your Police Mobile Data Terminal so you can upload it here so players can be able to use it for themselves? This way players have the option of using the British Version or American Version?


yes please


Should be easy enough to create, I’ll look into it when I get some spare time.