[RELEASE] Police Mobile Data Terminal



Where do i change the “changeme” password i cannot find the MySQL file and its not letting me log in if i have to change it once logged in.


Why are you being stubborn? Why not I send you the files and you can modify them to what you like and reupload them that same day


He responded to your post of the register thing not the other post @AltimitWill


Would love to see this be fixed. I run my server from home, so this would be great. :+1:


@AltimitWill If I appear to be “stubborn”, it’s due to the reasoning behind me deciding to release this MDT and the fact that it’s an extremely old project that I really do want nothing to do with anymore.


@Owen_M I apologize for calling you stubborn. Everyone I got permission from @Owen_M to create a release of an American Version of the Police Mobile Data Terminal or in the USA a MDT System. I am currently working on the post and making sure to give @Owen_M the Proper credit where due!!! After all it is his framework for this system I am using!!!


how can i install this and whats are the requirements?


I love your American version. Could you help me convert mine? I don’t know where to start.


I am Getting the problem where I use the details given in the read me to login, then when I press the login button it clears the collar and password box and doesn’t take me to any other page


I had this issue as well, it was fixed by going into the database.

(assuming you’re using phpmyadmin)

  1. Go into the mdt_sessions table and select the structure tab
  2. Change the timestamp column to an int(10) instead of mediumint(9)

That should fix your login issue.


Updated the SQL to fix this issue, thanks.



Maybe a strange question, but can we implement this into the current database of ESX? Will that be a hard knock life?


BOLO doesnt work, why?


That was on another release of this MDT, not mine. - This is British.


ohmy bad, sorry


password and user does not work when I attempt to log in anyone know why?


there no resorce.lua where do i upload this too


You need to make the database and connect it and make your own admin account…

You upload it to a web server…


Help Please

I keep getting this error.

But it still creates the databases needed but I have no user accounts on there. I have linked the website to the Database and also edited the SQL.sql to have my database name. But it keeps making this error.

Please help me,

Many thanks,


Why did you edit the SQL.sql, you literally had to just run an import on the one that I put in the github. If that doesn’t work then please respond with further screenshots and I’ll take a look.