[Release] OpenCAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) [Demo] [Open Source] [GNU GPL v3]



@OpenCAD What happened to you guys wanted to use what I gave you for the dashboard. If not, I can post what I have created for members here for them to use it because I keep getting dmed about it daily. You said you would have an update for it within a week. The last post I sent was on May 22nd about that it would be available within a week or two. Lets give the people what they want.


I am sorry but due to events that occurred towards the end of last month we were forced to postpone June’s release.


Did you get it installed?


Okay and thank you @phillf. By the way who is this @Matt4499? Matt the level of disrespect is uncalled for. Also I highly doubt you created anything for them in the first place.


nah it won’t work for me


@everyone I am releasing my version here for you to use of theirs because open cad had plenty of time to implement the changes. The only modification of their cad is the dashboard. It is still open cad’s software. I just want to help the community out: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xt1q17ltodalyt9/Bobblemend15+Cad+mod.zip


who are you? lol…

Looking for a cad

I actually love this CAD. I use it for my server and it’s really easy to use and setup.


how do u set this up someone help if possible


Hey Police_Interceptors,

If you wanna install it we have mulitple guides on how to install OpenCAD

Guides click here

if you have any further issues contact us on jira.opencad.io or our Discord.

Justin Farmer
Project Supervisor


something wrong with the link and nothink is there to say how u set this up I have phpmyadmin but I dunno what im doing as im new to this as its for my FiveM RP server can u help ?


create a ticket here and when i get off work or if i ican ill reply asap just attach screenshots and what youve done so far
and our guides is back up now if you wanna take a look


I have got it all installed but when I got to local host it looks like something that aint right what is wrong with it ??


Hey, @Police_Interceptors!

I’m one of the staff for the Support Team. I’ve noticed you are installing on a Windows 10 PC, first thing I’m going to tell you to do is check out our extensive guide.
The issue in which you are occuring commonly is an issue with your ‘base_url’. I am going to ask you to double check your ‘oc-config.php’ file, and if you are still having issues after this, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team!


Hey Im looking for somebody that is smart enough to set this up for me because me myself, I dont even know what type of server and where I need to host it. If possible I’d preferrably host the webserver on Zap-Hosting and give the person doing the CAD for us the VIP rank on our server :smiley: Thanks in advance, if anyones interested: My Discord is Craze#3412


Your discord say it’s invalid. Add me Matt44#8529


I like it but there is a big bug, you can still go into another department’s cad even though you are not in that group. Is there anyway to make it so when someone presses on (example state police) if they are not part of state, it will not allow them to press the button?


Its not perfect by any means. You would have to edit the code to make it work that way


0.2.1 Release


God Damn this is hard!!