[Release] OpenCAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) [Demo] [Open Source] [GNU GPL v3]



The OpenCAD development team at Stormlight Tech is pleased to offer this release of OpenCAD. OpenCAD is open source and built with roleplay communities in mind.

About the Project
This itteration of the project started in late August of 2017. Phill Fernandes (phillf) had stumbled across Shane Gill’s (ossified) original repository which was abandoned. After poking around and getting the software working in it’s state at the time Phill decided to start updating the software. Whilst working on it he started a Discord server and posted the link on the GitHub repository. People started to trickle in and the first couple of individuals to get involved were Justin Harper (ItsAGeekThing), Justin Farmer (gam3vidz), and Brennen Stapleton (termanator1128). We have been working hard ever since to continue on Shane’s work and some core team members have left but this project is here to stay.

OpenCAD is a web application built using technologies such as MySQL, PHP, and Javascript thus it requires a web server environment to run. OpenCAD is NOT compatible with Bubble apps.

You can download our latest release here or you can view the development code on our Bitbucket site.

Useful Links

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Please do not attempt to disrupt or tamper with the OpenCAD DEMO site
Any attempt do do MAY (and WILL) result in a ban


The full album can found on imgur.com.

Need Help? View our wiki which has all the documentation you need.

Still Having Trouble? Join the community Discord and post your issue in #support. In addition to the Discord support channel we urge you to register an account on our JIRA and submit any issues you have there so they may be tracked. If you encounter problems with registering in JIRA please let someone in #general know.

This project is in it’s ALPHA stage of development. Features will be missing or incomplete.

Disclosure of Fork
This version of OpenCAD is based on the original source from Shane Gill.


Temporary Public Demo: http://mattswebsite.uk.to/demo


isn’t there already a release for open cad?


they removed the old one.


I will give it a Try


We have/are going to remove the old one and use this post. This one has more accurate information aswell as a better layout.


We redid the post to make it more fancy


@OpenCAD So for your dashboard I noticed it was very plain and I was wondering if I could help you guys. I created this and have been working awhile on it I was wondering if you guys would like to implement this for your open cad for the dashboard.php? I currently have it working for my version of the open cad with the dashboard.php changed. I can send you guys the complete modification so you can see what I did and make your own modifications where need be… Just let me know if you are interested?