[Release] LiveMap


we use saucecad, not sure if that will work


Well if it is held on a web server just add a button with the live_map location and there you go.


is there a way we can add it to our website? on its own page?


If you have your website on a web server add the files, add an option “Live Map” to the nav bar and set where you want this button on the nav bar on your site to go, and there you go.


i had the older version semi working, but when I did the update it said disconnected for everyone. do you have any desk? maybe take a look at what I’ve got


Do I have any desk?

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yeah its like teamviewer but free


can do thanks for the help


thats just a link to a discord, anything I should be looking for


Open the nav bar and click live map


I’m getting the Google Maps error. I’m also not able to view the livemap webpage at all (White screen) without enabling debug in the livemap web config


hey. How can i fix the Error getting blips message. I ran the command–>file generated. Player blips work. I tried everything. running on vps with ports open


Make sure the blips file is available on your server, by default this would be http://{IP}:30120/live_map/blips.json


for me they are here


what do i need to change
for it 2 work


works now
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ok so new issue, if I log on to the live map I can see blips, but others can not connect to it, not sure of what to look at here


bought my own expensive dedicated pc and running my fivem + livemap on there instead :smiley:


getting a 500 internal error for the interface


So I have been messing with it for a couple weeks and I cannot figure out why it wont load the Players on another connection other than the host