[Release] LiveMap


firewall status for my vps:


Not sure for you, however for me, Hostinger blocks ports. I had to get a second webhost so I could use Arthurs admin panel.


oh well maybe @Havoc can help me since he is running NGINX on a vps. i’ve switched from apache2 back to nginx if that helps havoc.


full screenshot on the webserver the only thing i changed was the config.php where the ip address i set to the fivem public ip and the socket port and the resource name and it still didn’t work :frowning: i’m running Ubuntu 18.04 NGINX on a vps.


Any idea why it says this in the box that says Google " This page can’t load Google Maps correctly"


does it connect with the server?


yes you can see my blip on the map


what the? how the hell does it work for you but not for me :angry:


i’m not sure i use host-blast as my host.


i’m gonna try one of the worst web hosts everyone knows & hates 000webhost i swear to god if it works i’m gonna scream lol


hmm that didn’t work :frowning:


message me on discord tomorrow I can either team viewer with you or screen share on discord and try and help ya get yours fixed. my discord name is Dracuslayer #1992


can anyone help me set this up? I’ve been having issues with it, want to get the live map on our cad so dispatch doesn’t have to have the game


if it’s bubble or an iframe it won’t work anymore. it must requires HTTPS


which you’d need a reverse proxy for.


Anyway you’d be able to walk me through. I want to add the map to our website or our saucecad if possible


i can’t even get the damn thing to work on my server. :frowning:


It doesn’t require an ssl connection I run it on HTTP instead of HTTPS.


any way you could help me to get this to work?


What type of cad do you have, OpenCad, bubble, other?