[Release] LiveMap


Use the host’s external IP. Not the internal one.

Sounds like you messed something up in the config or, the webserver.

Sounds like you’re using an internal IP like Sasquatch


We want to put it on our website through weebly but if you have to have a server for it to run on that’s my issue not sure what the best way to do it is.


I have tried all kinds of different IPs and same thing


Can you give a demo of what its like? Maby add like a video of it working to this form.



@Havoc Nice resource, although the map pictures aren’t working for some reason. Does someone know how to fix this?


How can I do that the map updates like every 10 minutes?


Anyway to make it so it tracks people in emergency service uniforms only?


I do not get how people like you do this, amazing work while still super clean code. Keep up the good work. -Eden


Is there a way to create custom markers on the livemap at the location of the mouse? or get the coordinates of the mouse? I know it is possible to do this in-game, but it would also be nice to be able to do this in a web-browser


What Do you mean by extract the map interface and images into my webserver?


He means that you need to upload all the files on your webserver where you want to host your website for the live map.


I am getting an error with google maps… Can someone please helplivemap


You don’t have a Google API Key added. The author of the mod did have a fix but looks like Google have worked out a way around it.

You can get an API key through Google for free for the first year.

On Github it looks like Havoc is looking at open source mapping solutions (seeing as we’re not actually using the mapping images we only need the mapping engine)

If you do get an API key, add it in the index page after the Google Maps URL.


I’m getting this. What in the world am I doing wrong??


how do i get the url to the map and is ther a video install


is Anyone willing to give me a demo account to see this LiveMap work. ( demo does not work on this ) If so, please message me.


I’m sorry, but can someone help me set this up I still cannot find our how to set this up.


Add me on discord if you still need some help: TacticalTigers | Reaver#3014


Can I have a working example for adding a blip please?

This appears not to be working, says the pos wasn’t provided in server console.

    local blip = { x=playerPos.x, y=playerPos.y, z=playerPos.z } -- Set the position of the blip

    blip["sprite"] = 420 -- CaptureFlag sprite
    blip["name"] = GetPlayerName(PlayerId()) .. " Panic" -- Set the name of the blip to "<PlayerName> Panic"
    blip["description"] = GetPlayerName(PlayerId()) .. " is panicing, do something about it.. Or don't.." -- Set the description
    TriggerServerEvent("livemap:AddBlip", blip) -- Add the blip to the UI